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Take Advantage of 30 Years of Home Décor Expertise

Why Decor Calc? Home decorating can be stressful enough even when everything goes to plan – but have you ever run out of paint halfway through painting a wall, or hung up brand new curtains only to find they're too short?

The wrong estimates for materials can ruin your decoration efforts, wasting both time and money. Wouldn't it be nice to avoid those dangers with a calculator that's simple, straightforward and designed specifically for home decorating?

What if you could get perfect estimates for curtains, tiles, carpet, wallpaper or paint – all by just typing a few numbers into your computer?

Introducing the NEW Decor Calc

Decor Calc takes our 30 years of expertise as home decorators and condenses it into a simple, push-button system that allows you to generate accurate estimates in under 10 seconds.

We know how it feels to be faced with a big decoration project. You want everything to be perfect. Everything needs to go to plan – especially when you're working to a tight budget.

But perfection isn't possible without accurate estimates – there's no 'winging it' when it comes to home décor.

Decor Calc saves you the time, expense and headaches of getting something wrong – so you can relax and enjoy your newly decorated home as soon as possible.

Generate Perfect Estimates in Seconds with No Previous Decorating Experience

How does Decor Calc work? It's as easy as typing in the measurements of the wall, floor or ceiling and watching the results appear before your eyes. Using the desktop version you don't even have to push a button – as soon as you enter your measurements, Decor Calc will automatically give you the results you need. It happens instantly.

Easily Switch Between Feet/Inches and Metric Calculations

Using a calculator that uses the wrong measuring system just creates more work for you and increases the chance of making a mistake as you convert everything from feet to meters or vice versa.

Décor Calc eliminates this problem by allowing you to switch from Feet/Inches to Metres in a single click. The same goes for Gallons and Litres when calculating paint volumes.

Compatibility with Virtually Any Computer

Décor Calc is designed to make your life easier – so it works with the tools you already have. There's an app which runs on an iPhone or iPod touch. The desktop version is compatible with both Windows and Mac (10.3.9 or later) and the Décor Calc window is sized to fit perfectly on a notebook screen, so you can calculate on the go.

One Tool for Every Room in the House

You can use Décor Calc to generate estimates for:

  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Tiles
  • Carpet
  • Curtains

All you have to do is click on the right tab and punch in your measurements.

Two versions - iPhone app or Desktop

There are two versions of this home decorating software. One is an app which runs on an iPhone or iPod touch. You can view it here in the iTunes store.


Try the Desktop version for Windows or Mac

We're so confident that Décor Calc is going to make the process of home decorating much smoother, simpler and faster for you, you can download it for free right now. No obligation. Just download the software and see how it works for yourself.

NOTE: The trial version for desktop ONLY DISPLAYS DEMO ESTIMATES. It doesn't give estimates based on the numbers you input. It simply demonstrates how quick and easy Décor Calc is to use.

Once you've seen the potential of Décor Calc, you can save your projects and then upgrade to the full version of the software to get real, accurate results. DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRIAL VERSION OF DECOR CALC NOW


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Get Your Full Version for just $14.99

When you consider how easy it is to blow money on expensive materials like paint, curtains or tiles, the full version of Décor Calc for the desktop easily pays for itself at the price of just $14.99. Remember, Décor Calc allows you to store your room measurement details and quickly calculate quantities of decorating materials.

How to purchase Decor Calc

Once you have downloaded and run the software there is a 'Register Today' link on the screens. Click on the link and you will see a 'Purchase' button on the registration screen. Click this button and you will be taken to a secure website where you can pay by credit card or PayPal. We use 'eSellerate' for payment transactions, because they are one of the most respected and trusted companies dealing in secure payments on the Internet.


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