Your baby room ideas will naturally be influenced by the excitement of knowing a new baby is on the way. You'll be tempted to think about all the details of pretty decorating themes.

But your first thoughts should be about your baby's comfort, safety and health.

So before you dive into decorating details, there are some practical baby room ideas to consider. These will also influence how some of your decorating is done, and will have an impact on your budget.


Baby room safety

Your baby will grow quickly. It will only take a few months for your bundle of joy to go from being immobile to exploring a new-found world. So pay close attention to electrical sockets, light fittings and windows.

  • Electrical sockets can be blanked off if not in use. Switches and electrical cables should be out of reach.
  • Light fitting, if placed on items of furniture, could be knocked over.
  • Heating appliances should be situated so the child can't touch them.
  • Curtains or cord from shades should be out of reach.

Furniture should be stable and secure, and shouldn't have any sharp corners or splinter easily. Surfaces should be smooth and easy to clean. Hygiene is a major priority with babies, so make sure all surfaces can be easily cleaned.

Comfort in the nursery

mother changing baby's diaper

Of course, you're going to get the best crib, baby clothes and other essentials to make your baby comfortable. But the most important factor is temperature.

For this the most successful way is to use central heating radiators which have a temperature control fitted. You can also get climate control systems which have a temperature control on the wall. If you use radiators of any sort, make sure they are protected by a guard or item of furniture.

On the other hand, don't forget ventilation. It's quite easy to over heat a room.

Whatever your sources for both heat and ventilation, position the baby's crib away from both. You don't want the child to get too hot or be in a draught.

Baby room ideas - a washbasin

You might think a washbasin in the room to be a luxury, but is it? You'll be spending a great deal of time washing both baby and other things, and it will save you many visits to the bathroom.

Also, think ahead. The room may well become the child's bedroom or playroom. It could then become a teenager's bedroom, or eventually a guest bedroom. A washbasin would be very useful in all these types of room.

You could house the washbasin in a vanity unit. The shelves underneath could then be used to store the mountains of necessities which every baby needs. And storage space is always useful, whatever use the room eventually serves.


Top Tip

Play mats are are one of the great baby room ideas. You can buy ones which are easily washed, and they're especially good if you have hard floors.

Your baby room ideas will certainly have included furniture. There's so much available today, and furniture manufacturers are experts in convincing you of your need for 'essential' baby furniture.

But take your time. All you need to begin with is a cot or crib, a chest of drawers and a chair for the mother. Some shelves for placing books, pictures and toys will complete the room.

A moveable trolley can be a useful item, as you can store all the baby's diapers (nappies), powder, cream, and other essentials.

If you've received an abundance of toys from friends and family then perhaps a closet or small wardrobe would help.


mother and baby on floor

This has to meet a few requirements. You need to be able to maintain hygiene, so cleaning needs to be easy and quick. Flooring doesn't want to be slippery, but the surface should be such that a baby won't hurt itself by rubbing against it. Cushioned vinyl or cork can be used, but to obtain the best advice go and talk to your local flooring specialist. New products are being brought onto the market all the time, and they'll know what to advise.

You could spend as much time on the floor as your baby!


Finally, baby room ideas for decorating. And the good news is, it need not involve very much expense!

play mats for baby room

Surface decorations such as posters are always a useful addition in a nursery, and if you paint the walls you can easily add these as your child grows. Mobiles, pictures, cutouts and many other decorations can inspire your child's imagination.

Colors should be bright and cheerful, but stay away from gaudy or luminous shades. There's no reason why you shouldn't use wallpaper, but remember that in a few short years your child will probably want a change.

One problem many children have is sleeping, or rather being woken too early by the morning light. If this happens, you may want to consider using blackout curtains or shades.


By combining practical ideas with suitable colors and furnishings you'll make a comfortable, safe and enjoyable room for your baby.



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