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We're all on the lookout for bathroom decorating ideas. From small bathrooms to large ones, from family bathrooms to en suite, there are more varieties and options than any other room in the house.

Unless we're very fortunate and building our own house, we have little or no control over the size of out bathrooms.

So here are some suggested plans for your bathroom decorating ideas. There are some computer generated views so you can see how the floor plans might translate into real life if you were to stand in the bathrooms and look around.

Floor plans for bathroom decorating ideas

Most of us at some stage in our lives have to deal with small areas which have to contain all the essential items for a bathroom. Or large ones where we are spoilt for choice.

One of the best ways to make sure everything works together is to draw a floor plan.

You can then make sure there's enough space for all the different items such as a bath, shower, vanity unit, etc, and also room for people!

Here's a few plans for bathrooms, and we've also generated 3D views from the plans. This helps to see how it will look in real life, although with obvious limitations.


Some of us can't live without our baths, no matter how small the room. This is a plan of a bathroom just 4'6" by 8'6". Using a floor plan shows we can just get all the necessary items in. It's a bit of a squeeze, but managable.

There are other options we could use. A shower unit wouldn't take up as much room as the bath, and would make more space available to move around. Or have a corner bath with an integral shower. Constructing a floor plan allows you to explore all these options.

The 3D view gives an idea of how it could look - the red dot is the viewpoint.

small bathroom 1


small bathroom


If on the other hand you prefer a shower and a generous amount of space, then this shower room will do nicely. There's plenty of room to move around, and while the length of the room is only 6 inches longer than the previous example, the extra 3 feet on the width gives a much more spacious room.

The extra size of this room means you have much more scope for your design. It would easily take a bath with a shower screen. Or an extra wide 'walk in' shower, and move the other items around.

small bathroom shower


small shower room


Larger bathrooms give you much more scope for your bathroom decorating ideas. You'll often have a number of choices of where to place your bath or shower, and you can start to make the bathroom a bit more interesting. There may be room for pictures, plants and one or two chairs.

This example shows how you can use these items in your bathroom, plus rugs on the floor to provide both color interest and comfort. Low wall sections are used to divide spaces.

A large bathroom gives you the opportunity to make it not just a functional room, but more a decorated part of your home.

large bathroom


large bathroom 1


large bathroom 2


bathroom furniture

Are you tired of standard tiled walls and bland looks?

If you want a change from the normal sanitary ware for washbasins and other essentials, why not install some furniture?

Having furniture with work surfaces as illustrated here is a very practical way of arranging your bathroom. The wood is a nice change from more utility solutions, and gives your bathroom a less clinical appearance.

If you use this online resource you'll be able to explore your bathroom decorating ideas and room layouts in a similar way as the examples you can see on this page.


dressing table

If your bathroom is big enough, why not set aside one area with a dressing table?

We automatically think of the bedroom as the logical place for this. But if your bathroom has more room and the space is available, why not use it?

By having a comfortable chair and placing a suitable rug on the floor, you'll have an ideal dressing table area. It also make your bathroom less 'utility' and gives it a more 'home decor' look.


bathroom furniture

Here's another of the bathroom decorating ideas for using furniture.

It works particularly well with older furniture, and with a little imagination you can use all sorts of items.

With a marble top, washbasin and faucets (taps) installed, you have a very practical and attractive piece of furniture with matching mirror.

Having separate units such as this works best in a bathroom with enough space, so the furniture is free to stand with room around it.




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