Don't ignore it!

Bathroom decorating is often either ignored, or not given the same time taken over other rooms in the home.

If the bathroom is small, you might assume there isn't much you can do with it. Once you've chosen your suite and had it installed, apart from selecting suitable tiles and paint color, there isn't much else to do.

But bathroom decorating is important no matter how small the room is. You can have a bathroom which is very practical but also comfortable, inviting and pleasing to the eye.

Professional or DIY?

Kitchens and bathrooms are becoming more technical. This can have a big influence on your bathroom decorating project.

Something which a competent diy person could have undertaken 10 or 15 years ago might be beyond their abilities today. Fittings and fixtures for the bathroom can be expensive, and need experts with professional skills to install them.

Also, be aware of legal aspects. Many countries now have laws in place which state who is allowed to undertake certain types of jobs.

For example, there may be a requirement that any electrical work has to be undertaken by qualified persons. Because of the presence of water, electrical appliances are carefully controlled as to what is and is not permissible.


bathroom mirror

By installing a large mirror in front of the main washbasin you can make the room appear larger, which is particularly useful in small rooms. Using an attractive frame around the mirror gives an air of sophistication, and makes the area look less 'utility'.

Insetting the basin into a vanity unit increased the usable surface area, and provides useful storage space.


Bathroom style

There are many different styles on which to base your bathroom decorating. In fact, there is as much variation in styles for this room as for any other.

It needs more care and attention to detail because your choice of fitments depends on what's available. But the bathroom style you select can result in something you'll be proud of.

Many different ideas have been tried in the past. Some are practical, some very tasteful, and some just plain ugly! You'll find some bathroom decorating ideas on this page to help inspire you.


colorful bathroom

Tired of bland, colorless bathrooms?

There's no reason why you can't have a colorful effect. By using window treatments, paint, tiles, rugs, pictures, curtains, towels and bathrobes, you can bring in as much color as you like.


Practical features

Nearly every bathroom will have tiles as part of the decor, because of their versatility and choice of texture and color. In fact, the bathroom floor and tiles need to be selected in conjunction with the main bath, shower, basins, toilet and bidet.

When selecting all these items, it's a good idea to get samples of them to place in the room itself.

That way you'll be able to see if they all go together as you'd hoped. If you also get some paint and floor samples, together with any wallpaper samples, you can get an overall view of how you scheme is progressing.

Decorating a small bathroom can pose a few problems, but nothing which can't be overcome.

vintage bathroom

Do you long to get away from the standard 'bathroom suite' type of fitments? Go back to a bygone era?

This cabinet base supports a traditional washbasin with appropriate old fashioned brass faucets. The inside of the cabinet gives storage space. The floor tiles replicate victorian designs. Together with suitable wall tiles, the result is a unique traditional effect.



Lighting is a vital part of your bathroom decorating. Good light is essential in a modern bathroom. There are many fitting available which can provide all the light you may need.

The standard solution is to have one light hanging from the middle of the ceiling. It may be the best solution for a very small room, but in most cases you can easily improve on this.


As with any room, it's easy to forget this one. Toothbrushes, towels - they've got to go somewhere. If you have a large room then you have many more options, whereas a decorating a small bathroom can often require a little more thought.

So think about the storage aspect in the early stages of planning.


tall cistern

If you want to go the whole way with replicating the past, you can buy sanitary ware such as this.

Brass fittings, wood toilet seat and raised cistern all contribute to the final effect.



There are unique features which will influence how you deal with your bathroom window. From having nothing at all to elaborate finishes, how your windows are dressed will have a big influence on the final look of your room.

You may want to consider more elaborate bathroom window treatments. If you have a large room it's possible to make it soft and luxurious.


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