Check the floor

You need to have the bathroom floor checked for strength whenever you install a new bathroom suite and a tiled floor. Using marble or ceramic floor tiles will put a considerable load on the floor. If you also want to install a cast iron bath, for example, this will also add to the weight. And a bath full of water is very heavy.

Flat and smooth?

If you're having tiles on the floor then you'll also need to make sure the bathroom floor is flat and smooth enough to meet the tile manufacturer's recommendations.

Floors need to be very firm so the tiles don't move once they are set in place. In certain circumstances you may need to have an additional surface laid, such as plywood. If the floor is strong enough but uneven, it may need to be leveled by applying a special laytex type substance.


If you have any doubts it's advisable to get an expert opinion. Mistakes made at this point can turn out to be very costly!


Adequate power and water

As well as checking the floor, make sure you have adequate power and water supplies to the bathroom. Fitting a power shower and jacuzzi, for example, will take more power than normal, so make sure the power supply will cope. The same applies to the water supply; make sure the pressure is correct for the items you intend to fit. If any work does need to be done, usually it involves some work under the floor.

(If you intend to add a number these features to your bathroom, you'd be best getting some professional advice. Shower, bath, and other water systems can get very complex and technical, so don't try and do it all yourself.)


Bathroom floor01

If you are using a laminate wood floor, make sure it is suitable for use in bathrooms. Some may need to be sealed to protect them from water penetration.


floorChoosing your tiles

The choice of tiles is vast, and you'll be able to find tiles which fit in with your color scheme. Make sure you get samples of everything - ceramics, tiles, floor tiles, fabrics, etc.- and check they all blend together to give you the effect you want.

An original use of floor and wall tiles gives this modern bathroom a unique look. Notice how matching tiles from the mural have been used on the right hand wall to provide interest.

Be sure to read all the information about the tiles, especially the small print. Sometimes you'll find the manufacturers give helpful information on their products, particularly with regard to installation.

Carpet tiles

As well as ceramic and stone tiles, you can buy various forms of carpet tiles which are suitable for your bathroom floor. These are relatively easy to install; just follow the manufacturers' instructions. You can also buy vinyl and cork tiles.

Wall tiles

You can be quite adventurous with your wall tiles. Border tiles are available, and often you can get narrow tiles in contrasting colors. These allow for many interesting effects, so you can have a bathroom design which is all your own.


Bathroom floor tiled

These floor tiles have alternating colors which tone with the narrow tiles used on the side of the bath. By painting the left wall in the deeper color, and using a similar colored towel, a balanced effect is achieved.


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