Is it practical?

You may not have considered a bathroom rug. At least, not a handmade one. After all, it isn't practical, is it?

Bathrooms inevitably suffer because of their utilitarian character. They tend to be looked on as purely functional. A shower or bath rug needs to be practical, but that doesn't mean you can't also make your bathroom cozy and attractive.

Placing a handmade rug in your bathroom will immediately change the room's character into a more comfortable and homely place. One of the advantages is their individuality, and having one in your bathroom turns it into a personalized room.

Don't forget the decor!

One of the easiest mistakes to make is to go back to ignoring your decor in the bathroom. We tend to concentrate so much on the practical side and forget the overall effect. One of the reasons is because we are careful at the initial stage - planning the color and style of tiles, washbasins, baths and so on - that once that's done we drop our guard and think we're finished.

Just take a little time and care to think about the items which are added last.

Hand made rugs have great character, as well as the colors they bring to a room. They are available in all sizes and colors, and as long as you have space on the bathroom floor, you can always find a rug to suit.


rug in bathroom with green walls

In this bathroom the colors in the rug can also be seen in the wallpaper borders which have been applied either side of the green paint on the walls. Echoing colors in this way is an integral part of home decorating.


But... care is needed

If your bathroom gets a lot of use, and water is liberally splashed around, then it may not be the best place for a handmade rug, unless you're able to replace it at regular intervals.

Water is a great enemy of handmade rugs, as it can lead to rotting or the yarns becoming brittle. So, if you have any doubts or hesitation, go for manufactured rugs designed specifically for bathroom use. You can get very attractive bathroom rug sets and you won't have to worry about water or condensation.


long rug

Notice how the addition of the rug immediately adds life and interest to this bathroom. A tried and tested way to select your rug is to make sure that it contains the floor color in the design. The central motif of this rug as well as the border and smaller motifs are the same color as the floor. When using rugs always make sure that they can't slip on the smooth floor.


The size of your room has a great effect on your choice. You'll obviously need a water resistant mat to stand on after a bath or shower. It wouldn't be sensible to use a relatively expensive rug in this situation. But if the room is large enough, there will be other areas where you can safely use an attractive rug.


bathroom rug runner

If your bathroom has a long floor section as shown here, you could use a long rug, also known as a runner, rather than just one rug or two separate ones. Notice again how the colors in the rug can also be found in the curtains.


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