You'll always need more space!

If you're a tidy person you'll want to have ample bathroom storage space for all those tubes, bottles and lotions.

When you think about it, you're asking a lot of your bathroom! For a short period of time each morning, it has to cope with a sudden influx of people. Then for the rest of the day it's empty. During that short time, your bathroom storage space will have to earn its keep!

Normal storage space

A counter top bowl is useful because of the storage space you can have underneath. Some vanity units have open drawers down the sides which prevent a slight 'utility' look.

If you can't find a vanity unit which suits, you can always have one made, and fit the bowl of your choice. This also has the advantage that you can choose the height of the bowl, and not be dependent on the manufacturer. You can also paint the units to achieve your own personal color scheme.

Unused space

You'll often find there are areas in your bathroom which aren't being used to their full potential.

Under the washbasin

If your washbasin is a free standing one, you can always use the space underneath it for storage. Suitable containers can be placed there, or even towel rails.


If there's a free corner in the room, think about putting a storage unit there. You can buy corner units which are surprisingly spacious.

Floor space

If your bathroom is reasonably large, you could have a free standing piece of furniture. This could be anything in keeping with your choice of decor. A suitable storage box could have a fabric covered seat cushion place on the top to provide extra seating.



basin unit

The wall unit on the left provides much needed storage space in this small bathroom. Space is used economically by incorporating the washbasin as part of the unit. Drawers and cupboards are arranged around the washbasin, and the frosted glass doors make it easy to locate the contents.


Use your wall space

If you have the wall space, then cabinets of all shapes and degrees of complexity can be fitted. Some are simple with mirror doors, while others are ornate. They come in both traditional and modern styles.


old bath and glass shelf

Some of us prefer the nostalgia of a bygone era, when proper baths were made of cast iron, and the faucets looked amazingly complicated.

One of the simplest things you can do in any bathroom is to fit shelves. These can be any type, but what usually distinguishes them from one another is the fittings used. Here a glass shelf is supported by metal fittings which suit the style of the taps beneath.


Watch the mirror

Beware of relying on the mirror on the front of a cabinet; they can often be quite small, and project too far into the room. (Have you ever stayed in a hotel and found you banged your head on the wall mounted cabinet when you cleaned your teeth?)

If two of you share a bathroom in the morning, think about having two wash bowls fitted, each one having it's own mirror and light.


bathroom vanity unit

A vanity unit beneath or incorporating the washbasin is one of the easiest ways to make good use of available space.

These units can be as inexpensive or as luxurious as your budget allows. They not only provide useful bathroom storage, but can increase the appeal of your bathroom by making it appear less utilitarian.


Shelves and wall fittings

Don't forget strategically placed shelves for assorted odds and ends. Also, if the shelves are made of glass they can be fixed in front of the window. Towel rails are a very useful addition to any bathroom. Spare towels are always welcome - especially if someone has disappeared with your bath towel!

You can also buy all sorts of wall-fixed containers for toothbrushes, soap holders etc. And don't forget you'll need some of these for the bath and shower. (You'll know what I mean if you've ever been in a shower with nowhere to put the soap, shower gel, hair conditioner and so on.)

If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, do make sure it's out of reach of small children, and is always locked.


bathroom fitted units

If you have a large bathroom, storage probably won't be so much of a problem. You can have built in units which will give you ample storage space.

Floor units can be combined with wall units, and could be painted to fit in with your color scheme. In fact, the bigger your bathroom, the more you can plan for some luxury, such as separate areas for makeup and even a clothes closet.




Bathroom storage - a bit of luxury

Where are you going to put your towels? Sling them over the bath? What about a generous towel rail, which allows you to hang four or more within easy reach. And for a bit of luxury, instead of a normal radiator, install a heated towel rail, so the towels are kept nice and warm. If you don't have a radiator, you can always have an electric one fitted.

Go on, indulge yourself! Make the most of your bathroom.



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