What is your bathroom style?

The main influence on your bathroom style is the space you have in the room. So let's take a step backwards, and re-think the idea of 'a bathroom'.

Ease the rush

If you have any bedrooms with en suite bathrooms or even their own washbasins, then demand for the bathroom from family members will be reduced.

But if you're all dependent on the bathroom, then consider other options, as this can influence your chosen bathroom style.

Option 1

Do you have a small room which could be converted into a separate toilet? Would it be large enough to have a washbasin installed as well? Many homes have small rooms which are just used for junk. If you have such a room, think about putting it to better use.

Option 2

Is your bathroom large enough to split into two rooms? If you can provide a separate toilet you'll do away with one excuse why certain family members 'must get in there first!'!

Option 3

If one of the bedrooms is large enough, could it take a small shower unit? Or even a compact ensuite? They don't have to take up much space, and again would ease the demand on the main bathroom.

Option 4

Even small bedrooms may have room (in a corner?) for a washbasin. You'll find there are many units available for you to use, and it's surprising how useful they can be.


Consider these options carefully, because they will influence your final bathroom style.


Smaller bathrooms

If the room is small, then your choices of bathroom style are limited to some extent. As with all rooms, draw a plan to scale. Mark in your bath, shower, etc. Make sure there is enough room for everything. But most important, make sure you allow enough room for yourself!



Is there enough room for all the different items to operate? For example, if the shower door opens outwards, is there room for it to move without touching anything else? Is there enough space once you get out of the bath to dry yourself? Would it be better to have an enclosure (solid or shower curtain) around the bath and have a shower fitted over it?

What about wall space for fitting cabinets, or towel rails? If the room is very small, you might be best tiling the walls and floor using the same tiles.

Larger bathrooms

If the room is large, then you have far more choice. You may wish to have it completely tiled. Or you could have it carpeted, put wallpaper on the walls, have a full set of curtains and drapes at the window and an easy chair in the corner. You probably spend more time in the bathroom than you realize, so why not make it as comfortable as possible.


large bathroom

Ample space allows this bath to be set into the room. There is also a separate area for make-up with plenty of lighting. Tiles are used on the floor making it a practical room, and wallpaper has been used on the walls which give this bathroom style a less clinical effect.


You could try a combination of ideas. Tile the area containing the bath, etc, and have the rest of the room more 'dressed'.

Once you have an idea of the style of bathroom you would like and the idea is practical, you then need to find a suitable bathroom suite. Choose one which fits your idea, and go from there.

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