Window options for your bathroom

Bathroom window treatments are not always high on the list of important things to do in the home.

For many of us our bathroom windows are treated in a very practical way. We might install a shade or blind to give privacy if necessary, but that's as far as we go.

But we like the rest of our home to look good, so why not the bathroom as well? In the past there were reasons why the bathroom was ignored, but a window is an important feature in a room - even in a bathroom.

Shades and blinds

Fitting a shade or blind is the most popular way of 'doing something' to a bathroom window.

It's usually the most inexpensive solution, and often the most practical. If you just want to make sure you have some privacy, then this is the way to go.

Other window treatments

The bathroom has to be a practical room. In the past this practicality has extended to the furnishings as well. Bathrooms were damp, moisture running down the windows and walls, and with uninspiring linoleum on the floor.

Today this has all changed. Efficient extractor fans remove moisture from the room, and from shower enclosures. Good heating means you can spend as much time the room in comfort. Advances in fixtures and fittings give us many luxuries we can enjoy.

So bathroom window treatments can now include solutions which were once only considered for main rooms such as living rooms. Fabrics can be used to dress windows, with all the top treatments you care to use.


curtains lace

In this bathroom poles are used with fully lined curtains, just as you would use them in any other room in the home. Twin poles are fitted, the front one supporting the tabbed heading curtains and the back one supporting the lace curtains. Using the inner lace curtains gives privacy during daylight hours.


Large bathroom windows

If your window is large, the chances are the bathroom is a decent size as well. So give your window the treatment it deserves.

To keep to a straightforward look, use an attractive pole and hang traditional curtains from it. You could give some shape to the finish by using ties to hold back the curtains in a gentle sweep.

For a more elegant look you could use a top treatment such as a cornice box or top drapes.

Smaller windows

An attractive solution for smaller bathroom windo treatments is a simple arrangement of curtains and top frill. The curtains either side can draw together to provide privacy, and the frill gives a softer effect to the room.

You can even use this method if you have to fit the curtains inside the window if space is not available on either side. If the curtains take up too much room and stop too much light, then tie them back either side. This can make quite a difference to the room.


window sheers

Roller blinds are used in this window, but sheer curtains and top frill soften the window frame and tiled walls.

Be practical

If you fit a track up to hang your curtains, it's often a good idea in a bathroom to use a track with a cording action. If the window is above the bath, for example, it may be difficult to reach both sides of the window to draw the curtains. Having a cord fitted to the most accessible side of the track makes it easier to use.


You'll find more information on bathroom window treatments on the bathroom window page.



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