A bedroom decorating idea is a great help when you're stuck with your decor. Your bedroom has to fulfill many functions, and here you'll find help for all the various elements which make up this important room

A room with many functions

First off, it's a good idea just to think about all the different uses to which you put your bedroom.

Is it where you make for once you get home, change into some other clothes - maybe take a nap?

You might be reading the latest I-can't-put-it-down thriller, and sitting up late into the night. Or get hooked on a TV program.

And what about your clothes? Are they easy to get at, or hidden in a great pile in a closet because you forgot to plan for the space you'd need?

Do you leave shoes strewn all over the floor?

Re-think how you could use your bedroom

Perhaps you've always thought about your bedroom only as the room where you sleep. But it can also have other uses as mentioned above.

If space is limited elsewhere in your home and your bedroom is suitable, you could even use it as your home office. One advantage is that you'll be able to get some peace and quite there, and shut yourself off from the other household distractions.

(That is, until your children find out where you are...)

So give this some thought, and see what other ideas you can come up with.

What should you do first?

The first thing you'll need to do is make an initial plan for your bedroom. Believe it or not, this is something many people fail to do. Always plan ahead. Saves time and money!

Once you've decided on the bedroom details, you'll probably want to develop your bedroom decorating idea with a color scheme. But hold on there, just one moment!

More than any other room, you'll need lots and lots of storage space. And then some more. Your bedroom has to contain all sorts of things - jackets, skirts, shirts, hats, shoes, handbags - so you'll need somewhere to store them. Plan for storage. Now.

You may also find this page helpful, which shows a bedroom floor plan and some more observations on a bedroom decorating idea.


bedroom with sofa

One way to create a restful bedroom is to introduce comfortable furniture.

This room is large enough to use a small sofa. The sofa not only adds to the attraction of the room but means you can also spend time sitting and reading or just relaxing.

Here's a different bedroom decorating idea. If you want your room to look less 'designed', notice that a cabinet has been placed on the left of the bed, and a round table on the right. This breaks up the symmetry.

The use of a rug also gives the whole environment a more comfortable and 'homely' feel.


Want to start decorating now? Not just yet. A light here, and a light there - don't fall into the trap of making do with last minute decisions. Here's a few ideas and tips for your bedroom lighting.

Should you paint or wallpaper? Here are some pros and cons. Decide which will give you the effect you prefer.

And some practical suggestions for your bedroom floor.

The windows will need some attention, as well. Window treatments in bedrooms have some peculiarities of their own, and here you will find some approaches you may find useful for your bedroom decorating idea.

More than just a bedroom

Smaller bedrooms can serve their purpose well, and it's pointless trying to force them to be something they're not. With a few alterations you can transform even a small room into a successful bedroom.

But if your bedroom is large enough, there's a great deal more you can do with it. A couch or chair can give you a place to sit and relax - perhaps escape for a few minutes from the turmoil of family life?

If there's room for a desk you could turn one corner into a small office. Think outside the normal bedroom decorating idea, and you could transform your bedroom.

Out of date?

Perhaps you've inherited the bedroom decorating colors from the previous owners of your home, and never got around to changing them.

Like it or not, color fashions change over time. We're all influenced by this, and going with a contemporary or up to date theme can transform a tired scheme.

modern bed

Sometimes you get stuck in using the same bedroom decorating idea you've always used. Perhaps you're used to traditional furnishings, and have never considered modern or contemporary ideas. Why not give them a try?

There's a great deal of choice in modern beds and bedroom furniture. By using different fabrics you can make your bedcovers to suit your color preferences.


Pinks and violets are often used for bedroom colors. Take a look at some suggestions for these colors here.


bed drapes and crown

Adapt the ideas

Are these bed drapes too much for your home?

That doesn't mean you have to dismiss this photo as having no use. Just take the ideas and adapt them for your own situation.

For example, you can always simplify the drapes by having them suspended from a less rounded 'crown'.

Notice the bedhead (which is actually two bedheads pushed together)? Instead of a normal shape, for your bedhead have the shape repeat on either side.

Then there's the two stools at the foot of the bed. You could have something similar, or a single stool, or even a couch or coffee table.


So even if your first reaction is that an illustration isn't any use to you, try to see the ideas behind the scheme. Then you can adapt these ideas for your own room.


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