Plan for the bedroom design you want!

One mistake many people make with bedroom design is to think there's not much you can do to decorate a bedroom. A bed, the usual bits and pieces of furniture - not much to it!

But you can have far more variety than that. In fact, your bedroom design can be anything you want! It can be a room where you sleep, work at a desk, watch TV, read or write letters (email or old fashioned pen and paper!).

Also, the larger the bedroom, the more uses you can find for it, especially with regard to storage. Don't let yourself be bound by conventional ideas. Look in magazines and books - you'll be surprised at the number of new ideas you'll find.

First plan for the bed

The bed is the largest and most important item of furniture in the room, so begin with this and plan around it.

Before you do anything draw a plan of your room and mark where the bed will be. You will then be able to determine where you can put the other bedroom furniture. Planning around the bed is essential for your subsequent bedroom design.

Based on the bedroom's size and other facilities you may have, you can decide exactly which functions your bedroom has to serve.

(There's more information on beds in the Bedroom Furniture section.)


ornate bed

Explore all the possibilities when you begin selecting a suitable bed. There are many types of bed design on the market, probably some you've never considered. Look at all of them with an open mind, because you might find something which will then suggest which style and color to use for your bedroom decorating.

How big is your room?

Once you have the bed sorted, you'll then know how much room is left for other items of furniture.

A large room is easier to sort out, because you just have to decide where to put the pieces of furniture. But if your room is small, you'll need to think more carefully where everything will go.

If you are stuck for space, it's possible to buy more compact furniture which will still provide the functionality you need but not take up too much room.


four poster bed

If you want to do something special with your bedroom, such as install a four-poster bed like this one, you'll need to plan for it. In particular, make sure the ceiling is high enough! (Don't laugh, it has happened!)

Larger items of furniture are normally supplied in sections which are then assembled in situ.

When buying such furniture, remember to check if the assembling is included in the price, or if you have to do it yourself.



Now plan for the rest of the bedroom

  • Do you have a separate dressing room? If not, then you'll need a decent sized area to serve this purpose. You'll also need space here for a dressing table and chair.
  • Is there built-in storage space? If not, then you'll need furniture or fitments, and these will take up valuable space. Draw these in your plan, and check that there is enough room for them.
  • Are there sufficient electric wall sockets for lamps, electric blankets, hair dryers, TV's, etc? Are there light switches in convenient places?
  • Will you just use it as a bedroom, or will it have a other functions, such as watching TV, writing letters, or reading? If so, then you'll need room for a writing desk or occasional chairs.

Take time at this stage to plan your bedroom. It can prevent you making costly mistakes.


modern bedroom

You'll need to make sure that all the bedroom fixtures and fittings match the overall style. In this modern bedroom the curtains use eyelets on a metal pole, with metal frame glass topped bedside tables. The bedside lamps fit nicely into this scheme.


retro bedroom

Many different styles of bedroom furniture can be bought. Matching furniture which is free standing looks good in larger rooms where there is enough space for it. Placing it in smaller rooms can make the room look cramped. If your room isn't big enough, it would be better to use fitted furniture so as to make the most of the available space.


bedroom furniture

This bedroom has been designed to allow the owner to make full use of it.

Full length curtains give the room an air of luxury and comfort. A compact computer desk and wall unit with matching upholstered chair are placed in the corner. A drawer unit provides storage space and a place to put the TV.






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