Which do you prefer?

When deciding on a bedroom floor most people seem to prefer it covered with carpet or rugs. The usual reason given is that it's more comfortable with bare feet. Your decision!

Of course, you can have polished floorboards or fitted wood finish, and use one or more area rugs to give a little comfort. But if you do, make sure the rugs can't slide on the floor. You don't want to stagger out of bed in the small hours, slip on a rug, and end up flat on your back!

Don't be a slave to fashion

Although it's fashionable today to have a minimalist effect with bare wood on the floor, there is no need to blindly follow the current fashion if you don't want to!

You may be given advice to have a hard floor, but even if it's considered 'old fashioned', if you prefer a soft covering on your bedroom floor, then that's what you should have. Fashions come and go, and while it's nice to have change from time to time, if your natural instinct and choice is for something else then don't be unduly influenced by what everyone else is doing.

Stain, polish or paint?

For your bedroom floor you may choose to have it painted, either to match another color in the room, or just on it's own. If you do this, make sure to follow the recommended way of sealing the paint finish.

You can also stain or polish a wood floor, or use a wood laminate to give the effect you want. But if you're not sure of how to go about it, do get professional advice.


wood floor

The attractive wood floor of this simple bedroom gives it character and warmth. Wood floors are often used to give a sense of history, decorating as it was done in centuries gone by. They are also very hard wearing - provided you select the correct quality of wood - and can survive many years of hard knocks.


What about carpets and rugs?

Bedroom carpets always give a warm feeling to a bedroom. If the room is not very large, or has corridors or odd areas, using a fitted carpet will make it look more unified. And don't forget you can also use rugs on the carpet.


carpet in bedroom

This bedroom has a fitted carpet which provides a pleasant contrast to the wood of the bed and other furniture. Carpets will generally give a softer and more inviting feel to a bedroom. If the owners of this room wanted to bring in some more interest, an attractive rug on the floor would be ideal.


Because carpets in bedrooms generally don't get as much wear as other areas of the house, you can use a lesser quality carpet and save some money. By lesser quality we don't necessarily mean a cheap carpet.

Carpets are graded, usually by weight (how much wool or other materials are used in the 'pile' of the carpet). A higher grade of carpet usually implies increased wear ability. Most of us don't trample through our bedrooms in heavy boots, so the room doesn't need as high a grade of carpet as you would use in a main hallway, for example.



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