Bedroom interior decorating can be one of the most challenging projects in the home. This is because bedrooms have to perform far more functions than you might at first think. How about these for starters:

  • Sleep (obviously!)
  • Have breakfast
  • Read
  • Work with laptop/ write letters
  • Exercise
  • Watch TV
  • Store clothes and shoes

Floor plans

The best way to demonstrate bedroom interior decorating suggestions is to look at a floor plan. The floor plan you can see further down the page is for a main bedroom of reasonable size, say about 16'0" by 18'0" (approximately 4.9m by 5.5m). You can see how this floor plan looks in three dimensions in the illustration further down the page.


Notice the following points
  • Make sure you leave major traffic ways clear, such as from the entrance door (top right) to the ensuite door (left side), and also to the dressing table by the window. The blue lines illustrate this. Each bedroom is different, but by following this principle you'll have a room which is functional as well as attractive.
  • Leave plenty of room around the bed. There will be times when you stagger out (or into) the bed in a semi conscious state, and you don't want to fall over things.
  • Use natural daylight if you can. In this bedroom the dressing table is placed in front of the window to make as much use of daylight as possible.
  • You'll need storage space, and the most economical use of space is often built-in storage or a number of wardrobes.
  • Seating - stools, easy chairs, small chairs - are often overlooked in bedrooms. If you have the space, add a few chairs and stools. They add character and functionality to the room.
  • Focus lighting - where light sources are placed to provide light in specific areas - is important for your bedroom interior decorating. Classic solutions are lamps on bedside tables and over dressing tables.

main bedroom plan

Color schemes

yellow bedroomThis first illustration shows a computer generated color scheme based on the floor plan shown above, and viewed from the door on the left. It uses bright yellow striped wallpaper, with painted wood furniture to tone, and green and yellow fabrics.

By keeping the colors light the room has a bright, airy feel to it.

red bedroomHere is the same room setting, but using a deep red striped wallpaper and red fabrics. All the paintwork, carpet and other details are the same.

This shows how you can completely change a room's character by using different color schemes for your bedroom interior decorating. Now the room has a heavier, more enclosing character, but keeping the relatively light carpet prevents it from becoming oppressive.


bedroom striped wall

A modern bedroom interior decorating design gives you plenty of scope for innovation.

This photo shows typical modern design elements - horizontal stripes on the back wall, high bed head attached to the wall, modern pastel colors, deep patterned border making up the bottom section of the curtains and the eyelet headings.


(For more information on planning your bedroom go to the bedroom design page.)

Sometimes your bedroom can provide a place of escape. In our busy world it's often a good idea to spend a little time alone and relax. When you have a room which you love to be in, a place which helps you to unwind, it's a place you'll come to appreciate more and more.


When it comes to selecting colors, there's a very useful product to help you choose ones which look good.

The Shortcut to Perfect Paint Colors - Paint Color Cheat Sheets


bedroom drapes

Not everyone has a bedroom this grand, but if you have, make the most of it. The room is of a traditional shape and height, so a Victorian style brass bed has been installed. The window drapes are not over elaborate, but just suite the bay and side windows. Buttoned back chairs sit either side of the round cloth covered table in the bay. The bedside cabinets are substantial and made of dark wood.

One of the keys to home decorating is to have an appreciation of the natural style of your home, and to decorate it accordingly.




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