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Think carefully before installing your bedroom lighting. More than any other room bedrooms need soft lighting, but also lighting for specific tasks, such as reading or next to a make-up mirror.

One feature which many folks forget to plan for with their bedroom lighting is the position and arrangement of light switches. It's always useful to be able to control all the lights in your bedroom from the bed.

Similarly, when you enter the room, it's nice to just push one switch, and a selection of lights come on - the bedside lamps and dressing table lamp, for example. So once you've planned your furniture positions, plan the position of your light switches.


Bedside lamps

Bedside lamps are almost essential for your lighting. Make sure they are the correct height: when you're sat up in bed you want the light to shine on your reading material, but not shine in your eyes. A good indication of the correct height is when the bottom of the shade is at eye level when you are sat up reading.


bedroom lamps

Plenty of warm light is given by these two bedside lamps. They give enough light for background lighting as well as for reading. The lamps are also of a suitable size, their overall shape in keeping with the size of the room and height of the ceiling. Bedside lamps are a must for your lighting in the bedroom.

Wall and ceiling lamps

If you don't have bedside tables or cabinets, then a useful alternative is to have wall mounted lamps on swing arms. You can also use these if space is limited, or you have some form of curtains enclosing the bed.

If you already have wall lights you can fit them either side of the bed, but make sure they are fitted at the right height.


ceiling lights in bedroom

As well as bedside lamps, this bedroom has downlights recessed in the ceiling above the bed.

Most rooms look more attractive when there are multiple sources of light rather then just one or two.


Lights for make-up

For lamps next to a make-up mirror, you need the light to illuminate your face, not shine into the mirror and dazzle you. One of the best solutions is to have a lamp placed either side of the mirror.

Having lamps with dimmer switches will enable you to balance the light more effectively in your bedroom.


overhead lighting

The beams in the ceiling of this bedroom provide a perfect place to fix spotlights. These allow you to direct the light to suit the room. A bedside lamp and a lamp on the chest of drawers give a warm and comfortable look to the room. The two lamps could probably be larger - they look lost in this room, especially with the rising roof and heavy beams.



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