A bedroom rug will make a difference to your room whatever its style. Or use more than one to break up areas of floor which are uninteresting.

A farmhouse bedroom with brass bedstead and old fashioned covers will fit perfectly with a strongly patterned wool or cotton rug.

Or perhaps you have a more masculine bedroom in a Victorian style, with mahogany furniture and heavy lamps and curtains. Here a floral patterned rug will add interest and counterbalance the strong lines of the furniture.


The comfort factor

Don't forget the comfort aspect of a bedroom rug. Because you don't normally trample all over your bedroom floor in heavy muddy boots, you can use more delicate rugs. Soft, deep pile rugs are perfectly acceptable, as well as the more traditionally patterned Persians or Chinese.


tibetan rug

The soft background colors of this Tibetan rug contrast with the deep blues which gives just enough vibrancy to this bedroom. These rugs are also very soft to the touch, and the size of this rug is ideal for the required floor space.

(Tibetan rugs are actually made in Nepal, by Tibetans who fled their country after the Chinese invasion in the 1950's. They have stayed in Nepal and continue their ancient rug making tradition.)


You'll find that pile rugs or flat weave kilims will compliment all sorts of bedroom fabrics, whether they are heavy tapestry curtains or delicate patchwork quilts. You can also find handmade rugs which will go with modern fitted closets or antique furniture. In short, almost any scheme you can imagine will be enhanced by the use of rugs.

Don't confine your rugs to the floor, either. They can be hung on walls, or if your bed is suitable - a four poster bed, for instance - you can place a rug on the bed for a different effect. (One of the original uses of handmade rugs was for warmth at night).


figured rug

This rug placed partly under the bed adds warmth and interest. A carpet has already been laid in this room, but a rug placed on a reasonably plain carpet gives the room added character.

Guest Bedrooms

Rugs are an immediate advantage in a guest bedroom. Guest bedrooms by nature often have a feeling of infrequent use. A couple of rugs will provide a warm atmosphere for your guests as soon as they arrive. A strange room can feel slightly cold and uninviting, and rugs on the floor, bed or walls will give your room a friendly and welcoming feel.


large rug for bedroom

This large bedroom has a beautiful wood floor, but the room is made much more comfortable by the large area rug. It has wonderful patterns woven into it, which bring all the greens and blues together, and adds some warm reds. It's worth spending some time selecting a rug like this, and many companies will bring a rug to your home to let you see it placed in the room where you intend to use it.


Childrens' Bedrooms

Because kilims are inexpensive they are ideal for childrens' bedrooms. They are warm and colorful, and you'll be able to find one to suit your child's room.

But be careful with covering too much floor space with rugs or carpets. Boys especially like to play with toys which work best on smooth floors. So for young children, a small rug by the bed is a good idea. Prayer rugs are ideal because of their size.

Older children and teenagers tend to like the more ethnic appeal of kilims, and can use them on the floor, on beds, as floor pillows (cushions) or wall hangings. You can also buy tribal bags which are useful for storage, or make your own from old rugs.


modern rug

If your bedroom style is modern, then you have a wide choice of modern rugs from which to make your selection. Modern rugs are sourced from many countries, and come in all types of finishes and designs.


ethnic rugs

Two hand made rugs are ideal for this bedroom which has stone walls. Whenever you have natural walls - such as wood, stone or brick - placing rugs on the floors will add a feeling of warmth because of their color, and will be much nicer to walk on than a bare stone floor.



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