Bedroom window treatment

Your bedroom window treatment can be anything from shutters or shades to full sets of curtains and drapes. The type of treatment you use should follow the usual guidelines on home decorating. A modern room will normally benefit from a modern style of decoration for the window, while a traditional room suggests a traditional approach.

What effect do you want?

The way you furnish your window will have an immediate impact on the look of your bedroom. A smaller room which is simply furnished may look best with just a simple treatment at the window. Think of Venetian shades, Roman shades or simple curtains.

But if your bedroom has been designed to be more than just a place to sleep, then you might want to make something more of your bedroom window treatment. You might have a couple of chairs, a dressing table and a couch or chaise. Perhaps a TV is hung on one of the walls. Your bedroom is designed to be a place where you can spend time relaxing as well as sleeping. In this case a great looking set of drapes at the window will add to the comfort and luxury of the room.

One option is to use very light sheer curtains. These provide two advantages, in that they give a unique softness to the room and also give privacy. They are especially effective when used in large windows, where they provide elegance and style.

To blend or not to blend?

Don't forget that your bedroom window treatment may need to blend with other fabrics you use in the room.

Whereas in a living room you would select drapes to go with sofas and chairs, with your bedroom window treatment you select suitable bed spreads, bed heads and valances etc to go with your curtains. You might not make use of valances and upholstered bed heads, but don't forget you'll still use duvets or bedspreads and sheets. Their color and texture will need to be allowed for when selecting your drapes or shades.

Match the window treatment with the bed

One method is to use the drape fabric for bed spreads: if a coordinating fabric is supplied (or you can find a suitable alternative) you can use that for the valance and bed head.

An additional feature is to have bed spreads quilted. Sometimes you can buy these ready made. If not, you can have most fabrics quilted by specialist companies.

You can also buy bed linen sets which many people used as a basis for their bedroom decorating ideas. Often these sets include curtains, but if they don't, it's easy to find suitable alternatives.


 valance window treatment

In this bedroom the window has been fitted with floor length curtains. They have been chosen to compliment the trim colors used on the bed.


If you do choose to have your bed spread or duvet cover match the curtains, make sure the fabric is washable. Many curtain fabrics are dry clean only.

Window shades

Shades are often a good option for your bedroom window treatment. They are especially useful if you are looking for a clean, ordered effect. You can have Roller shades, Venetian or Roman shades set inside the recess and out of the way. If you want a bit more of a decorative effect, set the Roman blind outside the recess, up a little and overlapping the recess by a few inches.

The window shade page of this website has more information on shades.

Other options

If you find yourself waking up too early because of the light, then consider having your shades or drapes made with blackout linings. These are very effective, and look just like normal linings.


tied back drapes

This simply furnished bedroom has a large window. The sheer curtain from ceiling to floor gives privacy, and the main curtains are swept back with ties.



As with all decorating, make sure you get samples of all the different items to check together before you buy anything. Otherwise you end up with wonderful curtains but can't find suitable bed linen to blend with them.


curtains and sheers

A large expanse of window might be a problem for many. Here a set of sheer curtains provides privacy and softens the daylight entering the room. The regular sets of curtains give warmth and definition to the room, complementing the wood floor.



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