Feeling blue - or just misunderstood?

Blues are desperately trying to live down their reputation as being cold. It's a common reaction by many people who seem to repeat this piece of 'wisdom' when ever the subject of interior design is mentioned.

But in their pale tones blues are known to have a calming effect. So use them where you want a restful atmosphere.

Its darker tones - royal or navy - are best used as accents. You can also use them in small rooms, or areas where you don't have to sit and look at them for too long.

On the other hand, pale blue looks good when put with touches of gold/yellow or coral, which give warmth to it.

A deep version, almost bordering on black, is often favored by boys for their bedrooms. Don't worry, they usually grow out of it! And in any case, it's not as bad as you might think. Such a color provides a good background on which to hang posters, pictures and other items. As teenagers love to cover their walls with all sorts of stuff, you probably won't see too much of the color anyway.

A stimulation?

There is some indication that blue stimulates the intellect. At least, this is what some studies have concluded. This is why you sometimes find large country houses have libraries decorated in this color.

Wishful thinking? You decide! But it can't do any harm to try it for yourself.


Bright blue

Deep warm blue

Light warm blue

Pale green blue

Primitive blue

Warm blue


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blue table

Blue painted furniture makes an attractive dining area.

Blues are often associated with Mediterranean themes, or other themes closely associated with the sea.


blue and yellow rug

The rug contains blue and yellow. These are then used for the furniture, the yellow couch and the two chairs upholstered in blue check.

You can often use rugs in this way to mix your colors for you. The blue is also used in the lamp base on the right and the vase on the left.


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