Involve your child

Your child room decor can be a very rewarding exercise, both for you and your child.

And the key to this is - involve your child from the start.

Even if they are very young, they will still be able to take an interest in it. Although you will need to take all the major decisions, there are still choices they can make for themselves.

Depending on their age and ability, you can involve them to their advantage - and yours. The way you go about your child room decor can be a key influence on them. Make good use of the time you spend with them, because it won't come round again!

Work with your child

You can work together. Working with them helps them to understand how to get along with others. They learn to listen to advice, to think for themselves and to plan ahead. All very useful for their future lives.

They learn how to plan. Start from the initial ideas, what's practical and what isn't. How to get advice from others when you don't have the answer yourself.

You can teach them - even at an early age - the value of money. If you set a budget they can see how easy it is to go over it. They'll learn that money doesn't grow on trees!


If your child works with you and takes part in planning their child room decor, they'll value the final result far more than if it's all just done for them.


child's room

Modern decor for a child's bedroom. Childrens' colors and designs can be bright and attractive without being harsh or brash.


Themes and colors

When you come to decide on the theme and colors, there are useful ways you can involve your child.

  • Base the room on one of their favorite characters or stories. But be careful! Choose something which won't be forgotten tomorrow. The latest film or fad in media marketing may be out of fashion in a year or less.
  • Use a favorite pastime or hobby. Are they interested in music? Find patterns and objects which reflect their interest. Ice hockey? Swimming? Acting? Athletics?
  • Use their favorite color. Girls especially have a color they really like, and you can base the theme of the room on this.

Listen to what your child wants, their choice of colors, their heroes, what they most want in the room no matter how bizarre it may seen to you. For your child room decor some ideas will be unworkable or out of your budget (or just plain wacky!); but explain why the idea isn't feasible and offer alternatives.


child painting

This three year old is making a start with his bedroom! No doubt he'll have some help to get it just right.

It's easier - and certainly quicker - to paint your child's room yourself. But It's a great opportunity to teach them a lot about learning a skill, patience and ultimately achievement. Given them a little section to do, and don't worry if it doesn't quite come up to the standard you'd like. It will be the bit they did on their own which they can be proud of.


Years of experience has helped professional decorators realize that certain paint colors work better than others. You can find out more about this here...

The Shortcut to Perfect Paint Colors - Paint Color Cheat Sheets


Putting it all into practice

You can also work with your child during the practical stages. For example, if any painting needs to be done, get them involved. Show them how to apply the paint, how to paint difficult areas, how to clean the brushes (and themselves!).

It's a time you can use to encourage your child, and give them a sense of achievement which will serve them for the rest of their lives.


playroom decor

A well fitted out playroom. You can make them as simple or as complex as your imagination - and budget - allow. Because a playroom will generally be a larger investment than normal, don't just think about how your children will use it today. Try to plan ahead for the next few years. Even if some of the features won't be used immediately such as a computer desk or more sophisticated storage, the room will serve its purpose for longer.


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