Decorating small bedrooms comes down to space. And it can be summed up in just two ways.

  1. The impression the room gives as you look at it.
  2. The amount of space actually available for adequate storage of essentials - clothes, shoes, etc.

By concentrating on these two aspects you'll be able to make the most of your bedroom, whatever its size.

How color affects a room

You can find out more about this topic in the Color sections of this website, but here is a brief summary of how colors can affect the appearance of your rooms.

Warm and cool colors

Colors such as red, orange and yellow (if you're interested, these are all grouped together on one side of the 'color wheel'), are considered warm. They seem to advance towards you, and they make a room seem warm and intimate.

Colors on the other side of the color wheel - the blue/green side - seem to recede from you. These can be used to make a room appear larger.

Of course there is much more to this theory. A strong blue will have the effect of enclosing a room. And if you have a color which is a mixture of a warm and cool color, the effect it has will depend on the predominance of the warm or cool component.

By staying with fairly light tints of cool colors you can make the most of decorating small bedrooms.


small bedroom

By a careful combination of color tones and proportions this small bedroom looks balanced. The bed size has been chosen to provide plenty of room to sleep two people, but there is still enough room on either side. The bed head and pillows give a focal point, and the side cabinets are generous in size. The two bedside lamps have thin bases which don't overpower the tops of the cabinets, but the lights are high enough to give good light for reading. A pair of pictures are placed with room around them so they don't look cramped. The wall behind the bed is decorated in a different wallpaper which make more of a feature of the wall.


Don't reduce the bed size

The one mistake you can make is to go for a small bed. Because the primary function of the room is for the occupant to get a good night's sleep, the bed must suit the purpose.

So when decorating small bedrooms get a bed which will suit an average sized person, or persons if it's a double.

If you're really stuck for floor space take a look at space saver beds available today. Some look like a single bed, but have a second section which pulls out from under the main bed so as to form a double.

Sofa beds are another option, especially if the room is only used occasionally for sleeping, and more often as a living room or study.

Folding wall beds stand upright against one wall when not in use, and are pulled down when needed.


bedroom with window seat

Whenever you can, use room features to your advantage. This room has a window seat, and placing a cushion on it has the effect of softening that section of the room and introduces the red color.

Storage hints and tips

  • Bedside tables or cabinets are nice, but don't usually provide very much storage space. Instead, fix a shelf to the wall where the top of table would normally be, and then place a storage box underneath. Or you could use a couple of small suitcases stacked one on top of another for a travel look.
  • Many beds have room underneath them, even if it's just a couple of inches. Make a drawer with castors on the bottom so it just slides under the bed. You can then store clothes or shoes in it.
  • Even small bedside lamps take up room. So fit wall lights, which also have the advantage of giving good light for reading in bed.
  • Many built-in cupboards waste space. Take a look in yours. Is there space underneath the hanging clothes? Or above? These are areas where you could install shelves or box type storage.


bed against wall

If the bedroom is really small and you're using a single bed, you can make more floor space available by placing the bed in one corner as shown here. This does mean that making the bed up is more difficult, and it's often best to do this if the bed is on castors and can be easily moved away from the wall.


By carefully considering all the space when decorating small bedrooms, the result can be a beautifully decorated room which easily meets all the required functions of a bedroom.



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