Dining room chair cushions can have a number of advantages. The most obvious is comfort.

If you find your dinner guests squirming in their chairs after half an hour or so, it's possibly a good indication that they're not comfortable. Dining room chair cushions can help out.

Sometimes the center of your room can look hard and uninviting. By using an attractive fabric for your chair cushions you can bring some softness into the central area.


What fabric to use?

As far as color and pattern are concerned, try to make use of colors you already use in the room.

They don't have to be obvious colors, such as the curtain or wall color, although these can also be used. Because the area taken up by the cushions won't be very large, you can use stronger colors than normal.

These are often called 'accent' colors. If you have a lamp base with a color which stands out, such as a flower, you can incorporate that color in your cushion fabric. Or a picture with an emphasis on blues or greens. By using the colors already in your room, you'll achieve a balanced effect which looks natural and not forced.


wicker chairs with seat cushions

If your chairs are of a suitable shape such as these wicker ones, the seat cushions can be made to fit so they don't slide. It's important they fit well, because if they are too small they might slide around whenever people move.


Is it tough enough?

When selecting the fabric for your dining room chair cushions you'll need to get one which will stand up to people sitting on it. You'd be surprised how quickly fabrics wear out when they are constantly rubbed against.

Some fabrics will be too thin and look shabby very quickly. Others, such as velvet which is made for curtains and drapes, are unsuitable. Although it's not necessary to get the hardest wearing fabric you can find, an upholstery grade cloth is a good idea.

Another practical point to look out for is that in many countries such fabrics have to meet specific fire regulations.


chair cushions with ties

These cushions give a soft look to the chairs, and make them much more comfortable to sit on. If they were just placed on the chair seats the cushions would slide off at the slightest touch. By incorporating ties on two corners, the cushions can be tied around the chair frame which prevents them from moving.


Will your dining room chair cushions be safe?

You're probably thinking, "What an odd question!". If the cushions are an integral part of the chair, then this isn't a problem. But if you just place the cushions on shiny wood seats, for example, you'll have your dinner guests sliding off their chairs in no time.

If there is any danger of the cushions sliding, use ties.

These short lengths of fabric attached to the backs of the cushions can be tied around the back supports of the chair. Or use ties which go underneath the seat. Velcro fasteners are another option.

But whichever method you use, do make sure your dining room seat cushions cannot move!


chair cushions with blue ties

These chairs would be quite hard and uncomfortable to sit on without seat cushions. In this photo the ties have been made longer than necessary just to make them a bit different.


Where to buy them

Many home decorating stores stock this type of cushions. Chair seats come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to make sure the cushions are a good fit for you chairs.

If you can't find the ones you want - wrong size, don't like the fabric, etc - then see if there's a local store or upholsterer who can make them for you. And if you're any good with a sewing machine, there's no reason why you couldn't make them yourself...



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