When you come to decide on your dining room curtains you'll probably discover that there are many choices open to you.

In fact, dressing the window of your dining room can be quite difficult.

Whereas other rooms may dictate how you treat the windows - bathroom has to be practical, bedroom wants to have quite a soft effect - you dining room will take most treatments in its stride.

Be bold!

Dining rooms also give you the opportunity to make bold statements - stronger wall or floor colors, for example. Because they are rooms where the occupants are concentrating on sitting at a table, eating and making conversation, you can be more adventurous. And this applies to curtains as well. It's a good place to go for an effect you wouldn't consider anywhere else.


Don't forget shades and shutters

Just in case you need reminding, you don't have to use curtains to dress your window. Sometimes a Roller or Roman shade can be quite sufficient. This can be a good option if your windows are of an awkward shape or in a difficult position, or if you want to keep the maximum amount of daylight coming into the room.

You can find out more about window shades here.

If the windows are suitable, shutters in white or natural wood can look most attractive. You may have shutters already in place, and if they're in need of some attention with a little work you could get them looking great again.

Dining room curtains

But it's also a great room for curtains. And here you can go for anything from simple sill length to heavy, interlined, sitting on the floor curtains, with elaborate swags and all the trimmings.


Here you have an opportunity to use the obvious solutions - curtains hung from poles, from under cornice boxes, behind swags other top treatments, or making use of various headings such as French pleats or Pencil pleats. Most curtains of this nature will look even better if they made up with a thick interlining and lining. This helps them to have a richer and fuller look, making them appear far more luxurious.

If your room is just for dining purposes you might even go a stage further, and make even more of a feature of your dining room curtains. You can do this by using designs such as 'tuxedo', where the fabric is pulled around to the front and the lining is on display.

You may use your room mostly at night for evening meals. In which case you could use a more striking fabric than normal so it has more of an impact in low light (you might think about using candles to supply a soft and natural light).


swag on pole

A simple way to treat your window. Contrasting fabrics are hung from a pole so as to frame the window. Horizontal shades give the option for privacy.


Modern or contemporary

These styles call for a more simplistic treatment for your dining room curtains. Plain tracks or modern poles would be ideal. There are many very attractive modern poles available today in stores and online shops. Straight or stylishly shaped cornice boxes covering the curtain tracks would also enhance your windows.

One method of achieving a modern or contemporary look for your dining room curtains is to use a contrasting fabric (plain or patterned). By using a suitable color associated with your chosen style which stands out from the rest of the room (especially the walls), you can use your curtains as a statement about your room style.

Again, don't be afraid of going for a more 'theatrical' element in your treatments if you want to. The dining room is one place where you can do it without spoiling things.

If you are going for a modern look, although they are not curtains, Roman shades are a good solution. They are simple and effective, and if you want a dramatic effect you can achieve this by the use of bold colors in your fabric, or contrasting borders and trimmings.


gold curtains dining area

This attractive dining area uses a modern sheer fabric for its curtains.


The influence of your window(s)

Remember, if you have just one small window its effect on the rest of the room won't be that great. But if you have a couple of large windows with curtains which reach from floor to ceiling, then your dining room curtains will have a much larger influence on how you room looks.



The curtains in this dining area contrast with the walls and echo the wall color of the hallway. This gives balance to the combined spaces but still maintains the individuality of the dining area.


As with all furnishing fabrics, if they are going to be a prominent feature of the room, then obtain a large sample of the fabric. Some stores will loan you a sample for a fixed period of time, such as a week. Look at it in different lighting conditions so you can see how it will influence your room.



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