Dining room home office

In some homes a dining room home office is one of the best solutions for a home office. If you have a separate dining room and it's only used occasionally for meals, then think about using it for your home office.

You'll be using space in your home which otherwise wouldn't be used very often. This may also free up space elsewhere for other family members to engage in other activities.

Of course, you'll need to make sure that you won't be depriving other family members from using it. Be sure to check that your children don't use it for their activities. You might even be surprised to discover they use it to do homework!


Furniture Ideas

One of the advantages of using part of your dining room as a home office is using furniture which suits both types of rooms.

Book lined walls can add a touch of sophistication, and be very attractive. (A good selection of books can easily stimulate conversation during mealtimes.)

You can also buy wall systems which have integral shelving, storage space, display areas and space for the TV and audio system. Some of them even have desk space built in. Because such furniture is compact and well designed, you'll find it won't take up too much space, and leave plenty of room for your table and chairs.


dining room tableused for office

Your dining room contains a table, which could easily double up as an office table. All you then need is some storage for files and other office equipment.


If your room is big enough, then think about having a desk, bookcases and tasteful filing cabinets in your dining room home office. As long as they look good - and a wood finish is usually the best material to use, assuming it matches your dining room table - you'll have a practical and attractive room serving two purposes.

When thinking about your home office, all you need is some wall space - a corner of the dining room is ideal - for you to put your desk and other furniture.

Depending on your profession, you may find that your dining table is an asset in you home office. If you need to examine large plans, for example, or show them to clients, then the surface area of your dining table will provide all the space you need.


You'll need to give some extra thought to lighting.

Normally you don't have bright lights in dining rooms, glaring into peoples' faces. In your quest for good office lighting don't forget soft background lighting is more relaxing for a dining room. So make sure you keep your background lighting, but if you're going to use the room as a dining room home office, then you'll need some task lighting as well.



You could install ceiling down lights over the office area, but this may not be practical, or worth the extra investment. So look out for desk lamps, or floor lamps which can be adjusted to direct the light where you need it most.

Some multifunction lamps can be very useful. They consist of an uplighter to give background light, and one or more lamp sections which can be pivoted to direct the task lighting where it's needed most.


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