Most of us don't give much thought to dining room ideas. The dining area is a room we use for taking meals, and sometimes we don't even do that, preferring to snatch a quick meal in the kitchen.

But with a few good dining room ideas you can transform your room into a place of relaxation, and a place you enjoy being in.

So here are a variety of ideas to get you started. (If you need more basic information such as planning which room to use, who will be using the room, etc, then go to the evaluation page.)


Use bold colors

Most of us are quite hesitant when it comes to using strong or bold colors for our home decorating. But your dining room is one room where you can forget all your concerns.

Because it's a room where you get together with your family to eat and (hopefully!) chat with one another, your concentration is on the food and the other people around the table. It doesn't matter if the walls are darker than you'd normally have them. In fact, by using strong colors you'll give the room more of an intimate feel.

Variations of red are particularly useful, and dark greens can be very attractive.


dining room red walls

The red walls and chair upholstery give an intimate feel to this room. Note also the details: the group of pictures with picture light, glass fronted cabinet, candles on table. (See the last section about accessories.)


Take time over the selection of your table

It's easy to see a table you like and just order it complete with chairs. But tables vary. So here's an addition to your dining room decorating ideas.

First, make sure the table is the right size for the number of people who will use it, and the size of the room. If space is restricted consider using a round or oval table, because you can often fit more people around them. If you'll occasionally have more people than normal, get a table with a central section which can extend the table. And don't forget about alternatives to wood - glass tables can adapt to most settings.

Sit in the chair at the table to make sure the chair is comfortable to sit in, and is the correct height for the table. You'd be surprised how often a chair isn't suitable for the table its designed to go with.


dining room with striped chairs

This elegant dining room makes use of full upholstered chairs. These are unusual in that they are arm chairs. Although these are very comfortable, you need to make sure you have a large enough table to accommodate them, because they take up more room than normal dining chairs.



One of the dining room ideas which is often forgotten is lighting. You'll need good lighting in certain places - such as near the drawers of the sideboard. Other places won't need quite as much light.

It's a good idea to have lots of smaller lights in your room rather than one large one. By all means have a chandelier over the table, but make sure you fit a dimmer switch to control it. That way you can have a soft lighting effect when you're eating, and not be dazzled.

Place lamps on different items of furniture to provide background lighting, and if you have a large table candles in the evening or at night will give a unique and restful atmosphere.

Decorative accessories

Your dining room ideas should include a thoughtful choice of accessories. Pictures and plates can be hung on the walls, and are particularly attractive in groups. If you have a special collection - plates, prints, thimbles, fans, golf clubs, spoons - display them on a wall, on a shelf or in a dresser or cupboard.

Don't forget indoor plants. Have small ones in windows or on items of furniture. Place large ones in attractive pots on the floor in a corner.

Line one wall with bookcases and display all your books. Put your children's art lesson masterpieces on the walls - they will provide a talking point for visitors, and raise your children's self esteem.


dining room table

When the room period is suitable, don't forget you can still use classic dining room ideas. This scheme reverts to a bygone era but still retains a quiet elegance. A white tablecloth is overlaid with a lace cloth, a feature loved by the Victorians. The colors of the rug are delicate and blend well in the room.


As with all home decorating, by taking your time to look at books and magazines you can pick up some really good dining room ideas. By combining these ideas with your own preferences and imagination, you can create a dining room you can truly call your own.



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