Yes, a dining room rug is one of those features which is hard to beat. A carefully chosen rug of the right size, color and design will work wonders for your dining room decor.

Also, you can usually select a rug which is more colorful than you would normally select, as often it will be hidden by your table and chairs.

This is the time to broaden your views, and look at designs and colors which you wouldn't normally consider.

Use a rug to plan your color scheme

If you are finding it difficult to settle on a color scheme for your room, one way is to find a rug you really like, and use that as the basis for your scheme.

There is such a wide choice in rugs that you're sure to find something to suit your room - and your pocket. From factory made rugs to hand made rugs, there's one for every occasion.


persian rugs


black rug

It doesn't matter what sort of decorating style you use for your dining room, there's always a rug to suit. The modern styled table and chairs are used in a more traditional room and the area rug blends well into the scheme.


traditional rug in dining room

The colors in this traditional area rug are used for the chairs upholstery. If anything, this rug is slightly too large. A general rule is to have your rug size extend two feet beyond the table on all sides.


Remember these points when selecting your rug

  • A rug with a central medallion is ideally suited for use in a dining room. The only thing to watch out for is if the central medallion is small and so won't easily be seen. It helps if the rug has an attractive border as well as a central feature. (See the section below on the size of the rug.)
  • If you have small children or babies, the rug will need constant cleaning. Crumbs and bits of dried food with inevitably find their way into the pile of the rug. Like dust, this is not good for textiles.


  • Make sure the rug you intend using is tightly woven and very durable. Then it will be able to withstand the frequent vacuuming you'll need to give it, not to mention removing spots and stains.
  • A common mistake with a dining room rug is to have one which is too small. It should be large enough to fit under the table and chairs without the legs of the chairs catching the edge of the rug when they are moved for people to sit at or leave the table.
  • The chairs and table will not make the rug wear evenly. So use a good quality pad or underlay beneath the rug.
  • If you have a large room with a sideboard, then a narrow rug or runner can look very good when placed in front of the sideboard. Again, make sure the rug is heavy enough so it won't wrinkle.
  • Your dining room is an ideal place to hang a knotted rug or kilim on one of the walls. Lighting in dining rooms is often subtle, and well placed lighting can give an attractive glow to the colors of your rug and show the texture of the weave to good effect.


plain rug

A plain textured rug with blue borders sits underneath the dining table and chairs. This lightens the room, as it would be quite dark if the floor were left uncovered. It also sets off the table and chairs nicely.


Whether your dining room floor is wood, tiled or carpeted, your room will benefit from a suitable dining room rug.


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