Nature's color

Greens are the colors of the countryside, which is fortunate for us and great for home decorating.

Why? Because it's the most restful color to the eye. There is a very good physical reason for this. The lens of your eye focuses greens almost exactly on your retina, which means it's easy for your eye to look at it.

Let's take nature as an example. Look at a flower border. The leaves, which are mostly various tones of green, provide a wonderful background for pink, orange, red, blue and yellow flowers.

When was the last time you looked at a flower border and thought, "Oh no!! Can't stand those colors together!" Green goes well with most colors.

It's a particularly useful interior design color for kitchens. Mixed with yellow it gives a cheerful and sunny look to the room.

Tone it down so it's virtually gray, and you have a very useful shade. It can be used where you need to stay away from white or cream, but not give any hint of pink or blue.

(Interestingly enough, some people have an aversion to green. They don't like it in their homes, yet have no trouble admiring the beauties of nature. We humans are quite odd sometimes, don't you think?)




green colors bedroom

Green is a favorite for modern decorating schemes.

You can buy bedroom furniture such as this in a number of modern colors. Using similar or slightly different shades of green on the bed and the rug makes an attractive setting.

When using rugs, it's often a good idea to have the rug in a deeper shade of the color you're trying to match.



Selecting paints can be quite a challenge. But it's possible to use the knowledge and experience of others. Certain colors always work in home decorating, and knowing which ones they are can save you a lot of time and anxiety. (Only suitable for residents of the USA and Canada.)

The Shortcut to Perfect Paint Colors - Paint Color Cheat Sheets


soft green interior colors

If you're using green for a traditional setting try decorating using soft shades of green.

Apart from the gold frame all the elements in this photo have a green constituent. The light green of the wall make the perfect backdrop for the other items.

The metal table base would look quite harsh if it were made using a black finish. Keeping it to this dark olive green makes it blend in more naturally to the overall scheme.


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Surprisingly, green isn't used as much as you might imagine in the average home. But it is one of the most restful colors you can have, and well worth thinking about for your home decor.



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