A guest room home office can make a great deal of sense. Many of us have what we call our guest room - a bedroom, a spare room - but it's only used occasionally.

So why not make more use of it by having it double up as your home office as well? It probably gets used as store room, a junk room, or a convenient place to leave your cleaning materials.


Use a guest bedroom

If it's a bedroom then it's an ideal room to use as a guest room home office. With some careful planning you could make it serve two purposes.

1. When guests come to stay you'll need a dressing table.

2. You'll need a table or desk on which to write and support your pc and printer.

So combine the two. Have a desk unit (two drawer units with a top spanning them) and a chair. You can place your equipment on it, and you have your home office. When guests come, move the equipment off to the side (you can cover them with either some fabric or a custom cover) and replace them with a triple mirror.

A mobile storage unit can also be useful as it can be moved out of the way.


home office

To make your home office all you need is some storage space, a desk and a chair.


Use a guest room

So you just have a spare room. Sometimes it's used for guests to sleep in, but you've never got around to really sorting it out.

Make it useful for everyone. Set up a section as your home office with a desk and storage space. Then get a sofa bed and a couple of side tables with lamps.

You now have a comfortable guest room home office where you can work at your desk, or relax on the sofa to do some reading. When guests come to stay, open out the sofa bed, and with the two lamps either side you have two bedside lamps.

You could also fix some hooks on the door where they can hang clothes. A closet would also come in useful, and for this a unit matching the desk would fit in well. Or buy an old closet and paint or stain it to give your room a homely and natural look.

Small Guest room?

But what do you do if your guest room is really too small to hold both a bed, a desk and office equipment?

As the cost of buying homes has risen, furniture designers have come up with some ingenious solutions to allow homeowners to make the best use of limited space.

Entertain your guests (and yourself when you're working?)

Guests often like to relax watching TV, so install one in the room. If you are the sort of person who works best with music playing in the background then install an audio system. There are many choices on the market, from inexpensive single multi-function units to high end quality ones which integrate with mp3 players and/or the TV.

Don't forget books for your guests. When people are away from home they're often in a relaxed mood. If you have a small but diverse collection of book in the room - local history, local places of interest, your own interests - they'll often read one out of curiosity.



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