Handmade entrance hall rugs will transform any entrance hall into an area where people will feel welcome. First impressions are important, and a warm and comfortable entrance hall is inviting for both you and your visitors.

Be practical

Any rug in a hallway must be able to withstand considerable wear. Because dust and dirt are the most damaging things for a rug or carpet, make sure you have a very good quality doormat for people to wipe their feet on before they reach the rug.

But then you need to be sensible about your rug. A valuable silk antique handmade rug would be best hung on a wall, rather than be worn out by the constant march of feet over it.

It's also important to have a suitable pad or underlay for the rug which helps to prolong its life. The ideal rug would have a dense weave and be dark colored so as not to show up dirt.

If your rug is placed on a wood floor - or any surface where the rug tends to slide - then put a non-slip underlay under it. You can get these items from all good carpet or flooring companies.


entrance hall

Placing a rug in an entrance hall is one way to add color and interest. The rug used in this situation contains the color of the stair carpet, and mixes it with a warmer red. The result gives warmth and softness, while still leaving some of the wood floor visible.

When using rugs on floors such as this one always make sure the rug can't slide. You can buy special matting which goes between the rug and the floor and prevents the rug from sliding.



handmade rug

A hand made rug adds unique character and warmth to any room.

When you look at a selection of rugs it's easy to forget how much work has gone into making them. Many of the designs are hundreds of years old, and the rugs are made with great skill and attention to detail.

When you own one of these rugs you'll have an object of beauty which you'll be able to enjoy and appreciate for many years.


Practical points

  • Entrance halls are ideal places to hang rugs on the walls. If you have any kilim rugs you want to display, don't use them on the floor where they may not last long; hang them on the walls.
  • Long runners are ideal in a long or narrow hallway.
  • If your entrance hall is an irregular shape, try using a number of smaller rugs.
  • Use your rugs to delineate space. For example, if you have a small table and chair in one section, placing a rug under them can set them off within the space. And if that area won't be walked on very much, you could use a lighter colored rug.


large rug

In this illustration the dark wood floor is quite heavy when contrasted against the white painted woodwork and the lighter walls. By using a hall rug the dark floor is lightened, and the floor area is also warmed by the colors in the rug.




Kilim rug detail

Close-up of kilim rug showing the weave. Kilims are not hard-wearing enough for use in an entrance hall, but can be used as wall hangings.




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