Home furniture - comfortable and great to look at

Obviously, your home furniture has to look good - you have to like it!

But a room should work well, it should fulfil its role in the home. And it will only do this if home furniture is properly arranged. That's why this subject is important.

So what prevents a room from being a 'good' room?

A room doesn't work well if...

  • You don't like the furnishings
  • There is no single focal point
  • You can't move easily around the room
  • The furniture is uncomfortable to sit on
  • There is no adequate light for reading
  • There's nowhere to put down your cup of coffee

Space (no, not the final frontier!)

To help you arrange your home furniture, try to think of space as much as furniture.

Rooms tend to look better when areas of space are left free. A room filled with furniture can be restless and intimidating.

But there is also a very practical reason for space in a room. People need to move around freely.

So think about these suggestions.

  • Where you have a main walkway in a room, make the width of the walkway about 4 ft.
  • Have your coffee table no more than 18 inches from the sofa or chair, so people can easily reach it.
  • Remember to allow room behind dining chairs so your guests can easily move their chairs back without clattering against other furniture or walls.
  • Where you have drawers (dresser, bureau, etc) allow about three feet in front of them.
  • Be extra careful in bedrooms. Make sure that there is enough room to open doors and drawers and at the same time allow room for people to move around


display cabinet

There's a wide choice in furniture for storage and display.

Some units have doors to hide the contents, while others - such as shown in this illustration - have the upper sections open for display.

Units come in different sizes, designs and wood finishes, and you can usually find one to suit your requirements.



Light, heat, cold, humidity - all these are factors in way you place your furniture. Strong sunlight will fade wood, carpets and fabrics. So be careful way you place your furniture.

  • If sunlight is a problem, then consider having shades or sheer drapes fitted at the window to protect that area of the room.
  • If you have air-conditioning make sure the humidity is set correctly.
  • Home furniture, especially antique, can be drastically affected by central-heating, and especially humidity.
  • If your heating makes the room excessively dry, then you could use an unobtrusive humidifier.
  • Don't place furniture too near to radiators, warm air vents or your open fires.


chest furniture in hall

Items of furniture can be used in many situations in your home to give interest and storage.

An antique or well made reproduction chest of drawers will always look good in a hall way or other empty area.

Polished wood has a timeless effect, and produces some of the most attractive finishes for your home.


A quick summary...

There's quite a bit to remember, isn't there? Well, to gather all this information together, here is a summary of the things look out for when arranging furniture.

  • Priorities - have you put people first?
  • Space - is there room for people to move around - are the walkways clear?
  • Communication - when people are seated, can they easily talk to one another?
  • Facilities - is there adequate lighting, and plenty of table surfaces for drinks etc?
  • Balance - does the furniture arrangement make the room appear balanced - are you happy with the scale of furniture and the relative positions? Is there a focal point?
  • Practical - have you considered the effects of light, heat and humidity?
  • Aesthetics - does it all look good?
  • Comfort - as a result of all the above, is it a comfortable room to be in, and most of all, is your furniture comfortable to sit in (or lie on in a bedroom)?


cream finish wall unit

Certain color schemes look great when the color of the furniture fits in with other features in the room.

In a bedroom such as this one, having the furniture in a soft cream blends in well with the curtain fabric, and gives a relaxed and restful feel to the room.

You can buy home furniture in different finishes, or if you have some old wood furniture you can strip it down and paint it in the desired color.


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