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Do you realize the importance of living room decorating?

This means we need to take account of how the rooms look in terms of features such as color, texture, pattern, proportions and style. But while these will determine how a room looks, it also needs to fulfill its function.

So a living room will need certain items of furniture for seating, and maybe bookcases, storage furniture and occasional tables. Other rooms have their own needs: beds for bedrooms, desks for study rooms, and so on.

Successful decorating is...

...blending the looks with the practical features to achieve a balanced and attractive result. When a room provides the required function and is pleasing in forms and color, then the decorating project is successful.

This is not as difficult as it might sound.

By using your preferred colors (see the section on color schemes if you want to learn more about color and its use in the home) and furniture of a similar style, you can put together room which reflect your own tastes and are practical as well.


furnished bedroom

There are many ways to decorate your home. Here is a contemporary style bedroom.

This style often makes use of one 'feature' wall (in this case behind the bed) which draws attention to itself. The color in this wall is then brought into the room in smaller items, and this is achieved in the trim on the pillows and bed cover, and in the curtains and cornice box.


Learn how to create attractive and practical rooms

In order to improve the looks and function of your home, you'll need some basic home interior decorating ideas. Each of the topics you'll find listed after this section have an important place in the interior designer's method.

Learn about these, apply them to your own home, and soon you'll find your confidence growing as you put them into practice.

Scattered throughout the information are home decorating tips, which you will be able to put to good use. All these ideas can be applied to different types of decorating genres.


entrance hall decorating

An entrance hall is one area where knowledge of home interior decorating can be put to good use.

Entrance halls should be practical and inviting.

They often lead into different rooms, and as in this illustration, up a flight of stairs. Because of this, the decor needs careful thought, so it doesn't clash with any of the other schemes used. Proportion is an important feature of halls.


Do you prefer modern home furnishing? When the latest ideas hit the magazines or TV screens, do you find yourself working out how you could apply them to your home?

Contemporary home furnishing, usually associated with a more sophisticated look, is much the same. Whatever your preference, whether traditional, country house, or rustic - all use exactly the same basic ideas. You just have to emphasize certain features.


colors and textures

Kitchens and bathrooms are places where particular attention should be paid to textures and color.

Work surfaces, washbasins, door fronts and tiles can all be selected based on their suitability as regards texture and color.

The whole effect can be heavily influenced by your choice of fabrics used for towels, floor mats and tablecloths. Their patterns, colors and textures are an important part of home interior decorating.


Home Interior Decorating topics


A much misunderstood concept. This section explains why one style is different from another.


These are all around us. We look, feel and experience them all the time, every day. Once you become aware of the possibilities of textures, you'll start to notice them everywhere.


Proportion involves scale and balance, and these are often thought of as senses which you either have, or you haven't. But again, once you get to grips with a few basic ideas, you'll have a head start on those who don't understand the concepts. And this is a very important section; many mistakes are made in the world of decorating by getting scale and balance wrong.


Probably the most practical topic in this section. But it's truly amazing how many people make mistakes by not planning ahead with this one. If you don't get this right, then rooms will always have a cluttered and disorganized look.


Lighting can be one of the hardest areas to master. And take it from an interior designer - it's also usually the last to be considered, and is therefore rushed. "Oh, let's get on and finish. We've spent enough time doing this room. Yea, that light will do!" Think of lighting from the start, and avoid mistakes with your home interior decorating.


Very useful in home interior decorating. They give variety and interest to a room, and are often a useful way of getting someone else to mix your colors for you!

Interior Design Styles

There are many interior design styles, and they can all influence our choice of home decor. Styles are not fixed charts we can copy, but reflect changing ideas.

Home Trends

Fashion always seems to be one step ahead of us. How much notice should we take of decorating trends? This section explains more.

Home Decorating Tips

Here we've put together a collection of useful tips. While there's no end to tips for home decorating, these are some of the most important ones.

Home storage ideas

Make the most of your space! Here you'll find some interesting ideas for your home storage.

Cheap Home Decorating

There are ways and means of reducing the cost of home decorating. This page gives you some ideas in reducing your outlay.

Small Apartments

Small apartments can be decorated to look good and be comfortable places to live. Take these three steps to success.

Family Room

A room for everyone. Well, that's the plan. Here are some pointers to help you decorate this most important of rooms.

Small Spaces

You can make the most of any small space in your home by using a few simple ideas about color and how to use furniture.

Small Homes

Often our attitudes to our home can play an important part in how we decorate them.


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