Be inventive

Perhaps you've examined every possibility for your home office design, but there isn't anywhere you can use.

But don't give up yet. Yes, a complete room given over to your home office would be ideal, but there are other options.

Before you dismiss any ideas, take a few minutes to consider what your needs are. We're all different, and have different requirements, and with a little thought it's possible to come up with realistic solutions.


What's the absolute minimum you could make do with?

  • Something to sit on.
  • Something to write on, or on which to place your computer - desktop or laptop.
  • Somewhere to store your papers, folders, and/or CD's, DVD's.

Once you look at the problem this way, there will probably be a number of options for you to consider.

If you think the suggestions below are fanciful, they have all been implemented in one form or another. You just need to use a little more imagination than normal!


Under stairs

Is there an area under the stairs you could use? If this space is walled in, could you remove the side wall (it could just be wood panels or gypsum)? This would not only give you some room, but would also 'open up' the surrounding space.

Bay window

Do you have an area in a bay window? This space is often not used as well as it might be. A little juggling with furniture and you may be able to reclaim quite an area. One advantage of using this type of area is that the lighting will be good!


How about a large piece of furniture or space such as a closet which isn't used to full advantage? You could remove the doors, fix a shelf at desk height, install a couple of shelves (if there's none there already), put in a desk lamp, and there you have it!

Corridor or hallway

table and chair for office workLook at areas such as corridors, corners of hallways, etc. A small desk, a chair, and electric socket for power, and you have a workable home office.

This desk and chair illustrate the concept of using available space, where ever it may be.


Furniture in other rooms

small officeEven if you can't set aside a main area of a dining room or bedroom, you can now buy ingenious pieces of furniture which are compact when shut, but open out to provide desk and storage space.

This desk and storage unit have been built to fit the available space. The design has taken up very little space in the room, yet provides a practical and workable home office.


Let you mind run free. Take a fresh look at your home, the different spaces, little used areas, places you walk past every day without a second thought. Have a look at some illustrations of compact office furniture, and see where you could use some of them in your home office design.



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