Rags or riches!

Your home office furniture can be as simple or elaborate as you want, as expensive or as inexpensive as you wish. If you (or someone you know) is proficient at DIY, then you're in luck, as most furniture of this sort is not difficult to make. Many stores supply flat pack furniture, which you assemble yourself - a sort of half way house between DIY and buying fully assembled items.

Computer Work Center

This is probably the most useful piece of furniture you can buy today. It's just a home office desk designed for the computer age. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Some are very compact, others more like a full sized office desk with attachments.


'L' shaped units are very popular, because you have a work surface at your side as well as in front of you. This gives you more space for documents, books, etc.

They also make good use of space in the corner of a room, leaving most of the floor space for other pieces of furniture.

Short of space for your home office furniture? It's amazing how much you can get into even one corner of a room. The trick is to put shelves on top of the desk unit, and compartments underneath. It's the 'skyscraper principle' - if you can't go out, go up!

This is also one of the easiest ideas to put into practice. All you'll need is a triangular (to fit into a corner of your room) shaped piece of wood for the desk, some smaller triangular pieces of wood for shelves, and some strong angle brackets. Attach the brackets securely to the wall at the right height for the desktop and shelves, firmly attach the shelves, and there you have it!

If you want to make your own home office furniture based on a work center, it's easy to do. You just need some sort of desk or table, sturdy enough to support all your books, files and monitor. Then you place a shelf unit on the desk (they're easy to make), or attach shelves to the wall. You can make all sorts of office desks this way, to match whatever budget you're working to.

Do you like to hide your work away when you're finished? A Computer Armoire gives you all the space you need when it's open, but when you're finished, close the doors on your work and forget about it! Unless you're a very accomplished carpenter or cabinet maker, this item is one you'll need to buy.


Office chair

Do you look after your back? Make sure you sit upright when you're working, using the correct posture? Hmmm, most of us don't.

Which is why getting the right chair is very important. And one of the most important aspects is sitting at the right height so your lower arms are horizontal when you use a keyboard. Your screen should also be at the correct height.


office chair

A good quality office chair is one of the best investments you can make.

The temptation might be to just make do with an inexpensive chair, or something you already have which isn't ideal.

But just think about it for a moment. You'll spend hours sitting in it, you may need to adjust the height to suit the table and keyboard, and it needs to support your back correctly.

When you do buy a chair, sit in it for ten or fifteen minutes to make sure it's comfortable. A good quality chair will last many years, so it's worth while getting it right.


Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet of some description is absolutely necessary for safe and efficient storage of your documents. If you've never used one before, you'll be amazed at how much time they can save you.


An office chair should have all the necessary adjustments - seat height, tilt, tilt tension and arm height. It also needs lumbar support. We're all different shapes and sizes, and being able to adjust a chair to suit your own circumstances will allow you to work in comfort. This is an essential piece of your home office furniture.

A typical filing cabinet has a bottom filing drawer and two storage drawers. If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative, you can often find good quality used filing cabinets when offices refurbish and dispose of their existing furniture. Take a look in your local newspaper, or in the 'small ads' in the back of magazines.



use a quality table for your office

Home office table

If the nature of your work means you need to have meetings, or look at large plans, you may find a table of great value.

There are many office type tables available, but if you like quality furniture why not use a traditional table such as this one? If it fits in with the rest of your home office scheme it will add a touch of quality. It's always nice to have a pleasant working environment.


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