Sooner or later we all need a home office

A home office is necessary for most of us.

We all have bills to pay, legal documents to keep (and occasionally examine), correspondence to answer and appointment diaries to keep up to date. It makes sense to keep all these items in one place instead of scattered all over the house or apartment.

Technology - freedom or slavery?

Advances in technology mean we now have more power in our homes that multinational companies had in their offices only a few decades ago.

Whether you think it's a good thing or not, the result is that we can now keep in touch with other people from just about anywhere, and are not tied to the traditional office.

The arrival of the phone and fax machine resulted in people setting aside one area of their home as an improvised office. A shelf for the fax machine became a table. A chair appeared next to it, then storage space for phone directories and filing folders quickly followed.

Then the personal computer and the internet came along. More and more of us are working part time or full time from home. Most of us now have an office of some sort, even if it's a laptop balanced on the arm of the couch with papers littering the surrounding floor!


office space in home

A home office can be as simple as a chair, a desk and somewhere to store files and other essentials. Once these factors are realized, any space in your home can easily become your home office.


office with wall unit

If you have a room you can use specifically for office space, then you can make it as functional as possible.

Using one wall for storage and a display area is one way of making more of a feature of your room.


Where can you put your office?

There are a number of ways of planning your office. These depend on the rooms you have and the available space.

If you don't have a separate room you can use, then consider using one of your existing rooms as a dual purpose room.

If you use a laptop, this makes it easy to find a space for your office. As long as you have somewhere to store important papers all you need is somewhere to sit in comfort, preferably with a power socket nearby.


office in bedroom

Sometimes the bedroom is the ideal place to get some work done, especially if other rooms are occupied by other family members watching TV or listening to music. You can get on with your work in peace and quiet, and all it takes is a simple table and chair.


Here are some other pages on this website with suggestions and tips on using an office in your home.



Here's some ideas and suggestions for decorating your office, whatever its size.


You may find you spend a good deal of time in your kitchen, and if so this would be an ideal place to set up an area as your office.

Guest Room

If you have a guest room - either a bedroom or a room pressed into service when needed - it probably isn't used very much. Now you can turn it into a dual purpose room.

Dining Room

Your dining room may be used mainly for meals, but if there is enough space you can turn part of it into your office.

Reclaiming Space

Perhaps none of the previous suggestions are feasible. But there are other options to think about. You'd be surprised at the places you can use for a compact office.

A Full Scale Office

If you're in the fortunate position of having a room you can fully dedicate to an office, then here's how to plan it.

Selecting your Furniture

Antique, traditional, modern - there's so much choice in furniture.


Your storage space is a vital part of your office.

Decorating ideas

Some more ideas for the home office.


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