We all need more space! And any home storage ideas which can help us to make the most of our homes is welcome.

Here are ten ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your home.

Utility room

If you have one, it's probably stuffed full of appliances like washing machines, dryers, dog food and everything else which you can't find a place for in the kitchen.

Appliances. If you don't need the biggest available, go for slim line models. You may only save a few inches of floor space, but every bit counts.

Wall space. Any free wall space should be used. Shelves are the most obvious, but sometimes you can get more use from your walls by having a row of pegs to hang stuff on. And that includes your ironing board. You can also get fitments to hold your iron.

Ceiling space. Need to dry your washing indoors? Fit an airer (parallel bars) to the ceiling to hang your washing on. You could also use some of the home storage ideas listed below in your utility room.


You know all those little nooks and crannies in your home? Make use of them. Fit shelves, especially in bedrooms. Set the lower shelf at about three feet off the floor. Then get (make?) some boxes on wheels which you can store under this shelf. Very useful for toys.

Plastic storage boxes are also very useful. In fact, you can incorporate these as part of many home storage ideas.

Radiator covers

These are especially useful if you have deep radiators. You can buy them complete from hardware stores, or make them yourself from MDF and a piece of wire mesh for the front. Make sure there are plenty of holes or slots for ventilation. The top shelf can be used to support ornaments and give some character to that part of the room.

Awkward areas of wall

When something isn't immediately obvious, we tend to ignore it. So take a long, hard look at all the places where there is unused space.

Under the stairs. Boxed in pipes. Unseen areas in small rooms where a shelf could be fitted to store suitcases.


Older properties often have deep grates or fire surrounds which take up valuable floor space. If you have central heating and your fireplace doesn't actually function any more, consider removing the surround.

Make use of the garden

Eh? Well, yes. Think of your garden as part of you home, and then it's logical to use it for home storage ideas!

If you have an attractive garden with nowhere to sit in it, why not install a small shed? They are not expensive, and with a little thought you can place a seat or small wicker sofa along one wall on the outside. A few pillows, small table, and you have somewhere quiet and peaceful to relax. Weather permitting, of course.

Chill out space

If you find other family members always have the TV on, are playing games, music blaring, etc, it's nice to have a quiet spot where you can chill out on your own.

All you need is a corner of a room or hallway. Just large enough to take a chair, maybe a small round table, a few shelves perhaps. An electric socket nearby would be handy for powering up a laptop.

Kitchen space saving

Do you have one area of your kitchen where the work top is quite deep but you find you don't often use all of it?

Get a self contained shelf unit just six inches or so deep, and place it on the work top against the wall. Now you can store all sorts of mugs, cups, glasses, ornaments and so on. (See also the last of these home storage ideas on using a rack.)

Convert a cupboard

Do you have any cupboards, such as a broom cupboard which is not used to it's full advantage? Think about converting it into something else.

It could be a place to store all the tools you use in the home, which are currently stored in the garage. Or fill it with shelves to take all the odds and ends which don't really belong anywhere else. Or if it's big enough, make it into a utility room. Many appliances can be stacked on one another.

Use a rack

This can be useful in garages, outhouses, utility rooms and kitchens. Lets use a kitchen as an example. If you have lots of pots and pans and you don't have enough space to store them, hang a rack from the ceiling.

It could be make from ordinary garden trellis, and painted to match your kitchen ceiling. Use 'S' hooks to support your pots and utensils.



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