Never enough!

There's one time when everyone thinks about home storage.

Ever moved house?

And as you surveyed the piles of furniture, boxes, magazines (which you only read once 9 years ago) you said "Where on earth has all this stuff come from?"

Families accumulate 'stuff' at an amazing rate. Of course, it's all essential, and nothing can ever be thrown out!

Whenever you find an item of 'stuff' and attempt to get rid of it, you discover that you are about to ruin the life of at least one family member. So all the 'stuff' remains...

...ready and waiting for when you move house. And then you wonder where you're going to put it when you settle into your new home! Home storage problems always seem to be with us.

We all learnt the laws of physics at school, but did you know there's an unwritten law for every home? It goes like this:

No matter how much storage space you have, you'll always fill it!

Somewhere is a happy medium, and here are a few ideas to help you plan your home storage.


desk and bookcaseYou can never have enough home storage space, so allow more space for storage than you think you'll ever need.

In this compact apartment one wall is used for storage space with a built-in unit. If you have one wall free, this can often be a good way to utilize space.

Are there any features in the house which can be utilized for storage, such as recesses, corners or under the stairs?

Once you have determined the type and amount of storage space you want, you can then plan what you need to buy or adapt and how much it will cost.

stairs and chestIf you know you are likely to move home frequently, then consider having free standing storage units, not fitted. It's then easy to take your storage items with you.

If your units are fitted, you may not be able to detach them easily, and you'll never get their true value if they are included in the sale of your home.



This piece of furniture provides both interest and useful home storage.


Try and keep your storage solutions in keeping with the proportions and style of the room.

It's very easy when you need storage to put in the first item of furniture which will serve the purpose. But you can end up with a whole raft of different furniture styles which will make your home appear as if it's been thrown together in a mad rush.

So take your time. Hold out for that one piece of furniture which will give you both storage space and enhance your home.

You'll certainly need to think about home storage if you have children. And remember, they will become teenagers, which will bring a whole new set of problems. Then, when you breathe a sigh of relief when they leave home, you are probably just a few short years away from having grandchildren come and visit!

As your children grow, where are you going to keep all the wheeled vehicles? And we're not just talking buggies here - some of the replica vehicles are HUGE! An aunt or uncle (bless them!) will buy them some oversized toy which will completely take over your home. Then as they grow up there will be mountain bikes, skis, skateboards...

Remember that with small children around you will need some secure storage which tiny fingers can't open. For example, never put knives in a bottom kitchen drawer.

Safest of all is secure storage which is also out of reach.

storage unitsOne of the best ways to plan your storage is to do it room by room. What space will you need in the living room - TV cabinet, bookcases, space for your porcelain, and so on? What space will you need in the bedroom?

In this room, drawer units are used both for home storage and as a support for a TV and sound system.


open unitsDo you like a minimum of clutter? If you do, then consider having fitted units, where a complete wall is taken up with storage space.

Do you like traditional storage using closets, chests of drawers, bureau and bookcases? Do you have any of these items already, or will you need to buy or make them?

Have you thought of using baskets for storage? They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some can be easily stacked, and can be moved from room to room as your plans change.

Open storage space looks attractive in a modern setting.



Are you the problem?

No, I'm not being rude! But few of us manage our lives as well as we might.

You may nor realize it, but there are many things you can do to improve how you organize yourself. And this in turn leads to having more time for the important things in life.

So part of the problem might not be your storage solutions, but how you use them!

There's a great eBook which has helped many people with their organizational skills. You can take a look at it here. (Link opens in a new window).

You'll find more detailed suggestions when you come to the individual room decorating ideas pages. If you go to the top of the page and click on the menu sections such as 'Bathroom' and 'Kitchen' you'll find links for individual room 'Storage'.




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