Home window treatments can be successful by making sure that a few simple decisions are taken correctly.

The overall look you're trying to achieve, the hardware you use, the choice of fabric and the way the curtains are made all have their part to play.

But the process often goes wrong.

Choose a fabric? Easy.

Style of curtains? That can't be too difficult.

Then you stand and look at your window, and suddenly you have all sorts of questions.


  • "Should I have a pole, a track, or what?"
  • "How long should it be?"
  • "How far up should it go?"
  • "Should I have my curtains long or short?"
  • "Where should I fix my cornice box?"
  • "How deep should I make the cornice box?"

And so on. Well, using the links below you'll find advice and tips on how to think about the overall effect you want for your curtains, and how to make it happen.

Think about the final result

To make a success of your window treatment you'll need to take everything into account. Think of where your curtains should draw back to - right off the sides of the window or just covering them? Should they come from the ceiling or just about the window?

The trick is to try and visualize how you want the final result to look, and work back from there. Don't worry, you'll find all this on the related pages.

Of course, once you know where you want your home window treatments, you'll have to fit your track or pole in the correct position. If you don't get this right, you won't achieve the effect you're looking for.

As soon as you begin to think about curtains and drapes, you'll see that there's more to it than you thought. Choices! What to go for? But they can be narrowed down to a few basic curtain designs.

Suppose you decide you want something a bit special.

What about a top treatment?

If you wanted a more formal look, why not try a cornice box (pelmet)? You'll have a great choice of shapes - in fact, almost anything you want!

Or what about a valance? Not so formal as a cornice box, but still giving you a much softer treatment.

If you're worried about how to deal with your bay window curtains, it's not difficult. In fact, there are many ways of getting a really good finish. This is often seen as the most difficult sort of situation to deal with, but it needn't be.

What about contemporary curtains? Your choice of fabric and the style of your room will help you to get the best from your contemporary curtains.

By taking care over your choice of curtains you can make a big difference to the look and attractiveness of your home. Fabrics come in a multitude of textures, colors and designs. There's no reason why with a bit of effort you can't make your home just as you'd like it.


curtain with lamp

The fabric effect

Fabrics are a great way to add softness and elegance to any window.

Here a modern woven fabric is used to make a curtain with deep folds. This type of construction uses plenty of fullness (eg. lots of fabric) which gives the curtain its 'body' and makes it look substantial.

You can make your curtains so they blend with your window frames, or if the window is not very attractive you can arrange for the curtains to be the center of attention.


Practical issues are important

It's very easy when installing your home window treatments to just go ahead and do it. Many of us don't take the time to find out how to do things, we use our best judgment and simply get on with it.

But it pays to find out a little more before jumping straight in.

There are some very practical decisions to be made, and they have a big effect on the final look of your window.

  • For example, when you look at a blank window, where exactly would you fit a track or pole? Just under the ceiling? Level with the top of the window?
  • And how far would you extend the track either side of the window? Just a couple of inches? A foot and a half?

These are decision you'll have to make, and they will have a big effect on how much fabric you'll need for your drapes.

And they'll have an even bigger effect on the look of the finished treatment.

You'll find lots of insights into draperies here. Especially if you are interested in making your own, this website will show you how.


living room drapes

This traditional English living room shows elaborate drapes on the side window and the bay window.

Your treatments can be as simple or as complex as needed for the situation.

Even if you can't use schemes such as this in your own home, you can still take ideas from them to adapt for your situation.


Curtains and drapes are a great way of adding character and atmosphere to your rooms.


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