The colors you choose for your room will influence the effect the room has on people. By understanding how this works, you can then deliberately select the interior design color to get your desired effect.

What do you think?

Just to get started, how would you answer the following question.

True or false: Using white or very light walls in a dark room will make it look more cheerful?

Unfortunately, it isn't true, although it's a natural thing to do. White walls in a dark room will look gray, and make the room look gloomy and dismal.

To make a dark room more inviting use a rich, warm interior design color. You could use a soft yellow (stay away from an acid yellow), apricot, a bright green or soft blue.

If your home or apartment is naturally dark (nearby buildings or trees mean it's always dark) then use low energy bulbs in table lamps. Put them on a time switch so they come on just before you arrive home from work. They'll make your home warm and inviting, and you won't be dependent on the weather or natural daylight to cheer you up.


dining room design

This attractive and functional dining room uses an off-white color for the walls and ceiling, which provide a simple and clean background for the furniture and accessories.

This simplicity shows off the mahogany furniture well, and the simplicity is further maintained by using a smart woven upholstery fabric on the dining chairs. Plain curtains with patterned swags frame the window.


brown and red color scheme

Don't be afraid of using darker colors.

The paneling on this wall matches the lighter stripe of the wallpaper. This color is then used in both the chair fabric and the tablecloth.

Notice how the two geometric fabric designs work well with each other. The red of the tablecloth can also be seen in the pattern on the lamp base.



Here are some more suggestions to help you.

If you have white plasterwork in your room, around your ceiling lights for example, you can make them stand out if you paint your ceiling a very pale version of your wall color.

Not if you relieve the overall dark effect. You can do this by having accents of more intense color placed in it, using ornaments, plants and small items of furniture. You can also lighten it using white or lighter woodwork, rugs or carpets.

Long, hot bright summers? Use white, pale blue, green or yellow colors for your room and it will look cool and airy. By adding wicker furniture with yellow, blue, white or green cushions you will make it seem even more open and relaxing.

If your room is light and rather bland, you can improve its looks by painting or staining the floorboards a dark brown. If you don't have floorboards, then use a flooring which simulates wood, or lay a wood or wood effect product on your floor. Add large plants in terracotta pots, and some large pictures. Using color in this way will give the room some character of its own.

Many of the modern color schemes you see today follow this idea. And if your room is not very big, then a light and airy interior design color will have the effect of pushing out the walls and making your room look bigger.

This is not something you must do, all we're saying is don't be afraid of using light colors.

You can use warm, dark colors to give your room a distinguished look. Another effect they have is to make the room look more furnished than it really is. Warm, dark colors give a feeling of comfort. For example, you could use a dark striped wallpaper in an office or room you use as a library.

Using a color such as rust-red will make your room seem intimate and comfortable. In climates where the winters are long and dreary this is a useful way to color your room.


living room

In this example the rich red color of the walls gives a warm and inviting feeling.

The richness is balanced by the yellow/cream of the wood paintwork, ceiling and fireplace surround.

The rug has a depth of color which suitably matches the dark furniture and fireplace.


Rather than having to come up with new interior color every time you have to do another scheme, take a look at this quick way to select colors. (Only suitable for USA and Canada.)

The Shortcut to Perfect Paint Colors - Paint Color Cheat Sheets


dining room furnishings

The rug provides a good base for this dining room.

The red from the rug also appears in the curtain fabric, and is used for piping on the two end chairs. The green in the curtain fabric is used for the color of the walls and also for the two upholstered chairs.

The four wood dining chairs don't look quite right. Their style suggests more of a kitchen chair. They would look better if the wood matched that of the table and the sideboard. Plain wood chairs would be fine, or they could have upholstered seats in the same fabric as the end chairs. What you you think?




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