Interior wall murals are a great way to add interest to a room.

The strict definition of a mural is that it is artwork painted directly on a wall, ceiling, or other large surface. The practice was used in ancient Greece and Rome to decorate walls of homes and public buildings.

Needless to say, you had to be quite rich to afford to have an artist come and paint your private house. (Not much different there, then!)

But even if we could afford it, not many of us are accomplished enough to paint our own interior wall murals.

But there is another way - using preprinted wallpaper to do the job for us.


What sort of murals can I get?

Interior wall murals come in all types of subject matter. Everything from classic cars, fantasy scenes, children's pictures, nature scenes, classical architecture, formal gardens - there's a great range to choose from.

How big are they?

Sizes of interior wall murals vary a great deal. Some are more in the shape of borders, one or two feet deep (30 - 60 cms), while others such as those depicting palm fringed beaches can be 12'0" by 6'0" (3.6m by 2.0m).

Because they are non-standard sizes you'll need to take great care when ordering. Make sure you order enough to do the job, and if it's a large mural make sure the space where you're going to put it is large enough. If your space available is too small, you might still be able to fit the essential part of the design into it.

Depending on the size, some murals such as borders may come complete in one piece. Larger ones like scenic views will probably be in two or more sections, like separate rolls of wallpaper.

If they are in sections, be careful to hang them on your wall in the correct order!


You can still paint your murals!

Don't feel you have to use the 'ready made' method of wallpaper murals.

If you have the skills - or know someone who has - go ahead and paint your murals. Yes, it's a lot more work, but you'll have the enjoyment of a natural finish and a personalized look which no one else has.

Make use of artists

Most of us come from the 'Do it yourself' generation. Some of it comes from necessity - there isn't the money to spare. Whenever we think of employing professionals we think it's going to cost a fortune.

But don't dismiss the idea of getting a professional painter to paint some murals for you. If you get prices for buying wall murals, then the cost of applying them (by yourself or someone else), you may find that it isn't that much more to have a professional paint them instead.

That will give you a unique finish to your room. And you'll be able to choose exactly the scene you want.

If you can't find anyone to do it, try a local art college or institution. Or even your local school. Students are always ready to try something new, and many of them are very talented!

You never know, you may be the means of launching the career of a new Michelangelo!



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