Make a great room for your child

The effort and planning for a kid's room should never be less than for any other room in your home.

It's so easy to think that you can get away with just a clean and tidy room. In any case, your child is small, so they don't need a big room. The smallest room will do.

But think about it from this perspective:-

To a child, their life can be quite complicated. There could be minor conflicts between them and their brothers and sisters. Then there's the confined life of the school room, the competition of the playground, and the expectations of parents.

In short, the pressures they are under may be different from an adult, but a room which they can look on as their own special place means a lot to them.

Your child's view

So try and see it from your child's viewpoint. If it's a bedroom, it's their special room, where they go to sleep and wake up, play with their toys, or show their friends.

It's special to them. It's not just a room; it's their room. So what you do with it and how you do it tells your child what you think of them.

Children know when we don't care. They also know if they are special to us. So take time when you come to decorating rooms for them.


child choosing colors

An opportunity for learning

It's actually a good time to learn, as well.

How you approach the project can be a very good way to show your child how to think about various options and how to make decisions.

And it's not just your child who might be educated! You'll find that the colors and patterns your child will select will be different than you may have imagined. Go with it. Be surprised!

Differences from other rooms

There are two important differences between a kid room and other rooms.

  1. Whatever materials you use for flooring, walls, etc, will be severely tested. Think paint, food, scuffing against the walls, dropping and throwing objects, and you get the idea.
  2. Children have a habit of growing up very fast. And at each stage they decide that the previous decor scheme they were so pleased with at the time is now totally unacceptable.

Dealing with making a kid room durable and at the same time realizing you'll probably have to change it in two or three year's time can tax the capabilities of any parent.


child playing on floor

Safety and comfort are the goals when decorating childrens' rooms.

Use fabrics and rugs which are resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned. Or use inexpensive items which can be replaced at minimum cost.

Children may need to learn respect for objects and furniture in the home, but they shouldn't be inhibited by their play area.


Three types of child's room

Baby nursery

This room first and foremost needs to be a place of safety. Details such as blanking off electrical sockets and making sure the correct temperature is maintained are important.

Although a newborn baby won't be doing much roaming around for a while, in a matter of months they will be crawling around and exploring whenever they can. It happens very quickly, so be prepared.

Of course, once you've paid attention to the practical aspects, you can get on with the fun part of selecting cots and other essentials, and choosing the decor.

Pre-school playroom

You may decide that you want to keep your child's bedroom as just that, and have another kid room for them to play in.

This kid room will need to serve a number of purposes. As a parent you'll need to know that if you leave them for a minute or two on their own, they won't be able to come to any harm.

You'll also need sufficient storage space to put all the toys away, and this task should be as easy as possible to complete.

Teenager's bedroom

You may be blessed with a perfect teenager (!), but based on real life experiences the chances are low. Here are some of the habits and attitudes of a typical teenager.

  • Makes too much noise.
  • Doesn't see the merits of being tidy.
  • Interior decorating means sticking things on walls which have already been decorated.

It's very important that a teenager is involved in decisions about the decorating or their room. If they are, they will tend to have more respect for it, and will be more inclined to maintain it in reasonable shape.


child's room with nautical theme

There are many themed beds and bedroom furniture available for children.

This shows bedroom furniture with a nautical theme. But remember that children grow quickly, and also grow out of things they once liked.


You'll need a degree of pragmatism to achieve anything. One interior designer has been quoted as saying about decorating teenagers' rooms:

"Ask them what they want, then bargain!"

Teenage years are a time for experimenting, and making mistakes. They should also be happy years.


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