Kids window treatments aren't difficult to implement. There are a few things you need to think about before you go ahead and buy your treatments.

But the actual styles and options are straightforward. In fact, you'll often find that once you've taken all the practical factors into consideration, your kids window treatments almost fall into place by themselves.

What do kids like, and what might they do?

These are the key questions to ask yourself, and I'm sure you already know the answer to the second one - "Just about anything!" Well, yes, but here are a few key points to consider.


Kids likes and dislikes

Bright and cheerful

Keep the color scheme reasonably bright and cheerful. Don't use the more sophisticated colors which adults prefer. If anything, veer on the bright side. There will be plenty of time when your kids grow into teenagers to have weird and wonderful color schemes!

Make it different

Kids like their rooms to be a bit different from adults. One of the classic mistakes is for parents to decorate their kids rooms in what they see as a 'kids version' of their own preferences. To avoid this, go with the fabrics and designs available in today's market. The fabric companies have done their homework and know what kids like.

Keep it simple

Kids prefer simple schemes to complex ones. Even if you're doing a bed canopy for a girls' room, keep it simple.

Think about safety

Avoid long curtains, especially in a very young child's room. They will pull at them, trip over them, spill paints on them, and never cease to amaze you with their inventiveness! Eventually the curtains will end up on the floor, together with the track or other fittings.

When you install curtains or shades which have cords or chain controls, make sure the controls are out of reach of very young kids. Some manufacturers have a safety feature where the cords/chains will detach if pulled too hard. The best solution for curtains is not to have any cord controls fitted.

Also, especially for younger kids, don't have any extras such as beads, bobbles, fringes or fills attached to the treatments. They could easily be pulled off and swallowed.


kids window treatments blue room

Sometimes even for a child's room it's not necessary to be too elaborate. Simple solutions are often a child's choice. Here a venetian blind fits well into the room decor, and is a practical way of controlling daylight and giving privacy.


Things to do

Involve them in making decisions

Fabrics for kids are usually inexpensive, so get your child to help select the fabric. That way you can encourage them to make decisions, and having a say in their window treatment will give them enthusiasm.

Do they sleep better when it's dark?

Some children don't sleep well when it's too light, and are easily woken in the morning. In this case you should consider using blackout linings (for curtains or roman shades) or blackout roller shades. Mini blinds or wood blinds can also be useful here.

For simplicity, you can't beat good old fashioned roller shades. You can get them in sutiable colors for your kids, and some have the option of using your own fabric, or having it attached on the front.

Make it stylish

We know we said keep it simple, but you can add some style and color to the window by using a valance or cornice box. Use the same fabric as the curtains or shade. Or use a contrasting color if it suits. You can use this idea even if your treatment is as simple as a roller shade.

You can also add contrasting touches to the curtains with fabric trim, but again, make sure they are firmly attached.

Use the window fabric elsewhere in the room

A good way of balancing your kids window treatments is by putting the same fabric elsewhere in the room. Have a bed cover made, or a few pillows. One of the most practical ways of providing storage is to have open shelves, but have them covered with curtains which are easily drawn back.



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