Your intentions

Kitchen decorating is so much easier if you first decide how exactly you intend using your kitchen.

This isn't as odd as it sounds. You might reply that it's obvious what your kitchen is used for - producing food. But if you stop to think about it, you may find it's used for all sorts of other activities as well.

In our ever changing society our kitchens change with us. We use them quite differently from how our parents - and certainly our grandparents - used them.


Here are a few thoughts.

  • Is it just for preparing food, or will it be used as a dining area as well?
  • Will it be a second (or even first) living room - the place where everyone meets up when they get home from school or work?
  • Will you have to cope with pets and children amusing themselves while you work?
  • Will it have to contain all your appliances - washing machine, etc - or do you have a separate room for these items?

Once you have a good idea of how your kitchen will be used, you'll be in a much better position to plan your kitchen decorating for seating, tables, and what to include when deciding on storage units.

Color scheme

It's often a good idea to have your kitchen decorating blend in with the rest of your home. So if your home is decorated in a modern style, you'd do your kitchen the same, and not in a cottage style, for example.

But you can also do it slightly different, as long as it doesn't clash with other rooms adjacent to it.


kitchen decorating green

The subtle green shades of the door fronts and tiles blend together in this kitchen. The patterned tiles bring in the salmon color, which is then used as the background color for the insides of the open units.


The kitchen color you use should be suitable for the style you've decided on. This will be heavily influenced by the units you select.

You can also base your kitchen ideas on a theme. This can be a style of decorating, a historic theme, or an interest which you'd like to blend into your kitchen.


orange wall in kitchen

A strong orange color is used for the walls in this photo, providing a contrast between the walls and the units.

Using this technique of a contrasting color gives a more vibrant effect than using a color which blends with the units.



Flooring is obviously an important part of kitchen decorating. No matter how careful you are, food and drink will get spilt - pets and children will guarantee this!

So get a good quality floor installed.

Many different types of floor are available, including ceramic tiles, carpet tiles, wood, flagstones, marble, and heavy duty carpets. Some of these you might be able to lay yourself, but others should be installed by professionals.


Kitchens are storage. Everything is designed around storage. You just have to decide how much you need (never enough!) and what it will look like.

Small kitchens are more difficult as regards storage, but with careful thought and planning it's possible to have enough.


modern kitchen black cabinetry

The sleek lines of a modern kitchen. Notice the down lights set in the bottom of the wall units. These provide good lighting onto the work surfaces below.



If there's one room in the home which needs good lighting, it's the kitchen.

You need to be able to see what you're doing at all times. Labels on food are often printed quite small, and if you're not as young as you used to be, good light helps a great deal!

The kitchen window

This needs more consideration than other windows in the home.

The reason is dirt and grease!

Fabrics always seem to attract dirt and grease in the kitchen, and it's advisable to have a really good extraction system to prevent this. But there are many options for you to choose from for treating your kitchen window.


kitchen diner with curtains

This non-standard area has been turned into a comfortable kitchen and dining area.

The large window has been softened by the use of sheer curtains, with additional patterned curtains tied back on either side. The addition of a chandelier above the table gives the room a more relaxed feel than if it were just a functional kitchen.

If you have a large window, or the room is a kitchen/diner, then you may wish to do more with your kitchen decorating for the window rather than just have a functional shade. Here are some more kitchen window treatments you could think about.




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