Why have a kitchen home office?

A kitchen home office can be a great advantage if you spend a good deal of time in your kitchen.

And if you've spent a considerable amount of money to have the kitchen of your dreams, it's a shame not to use it.

An office in the kitchen is an ideal place to store your favorite recipes. You can do your office work while keeping an eye on the stove if you're preparing meals. Perhaps your kitchen is where your family meet after work or school.

So, how can you possibly get an office into your kitchen? Yes, it may be quite compact if your kitchen is small, but if it enables you to get your work done, how much space do you need?

Have you considered...

If your requirements are basic (pay a few bills, write your lists, copy and file recipes) then a simple chair and desk, table or projecting shelf is all you may need.

There may be some space between kitchen base units where you could place a work surface.

If there's a section of your kitchen work surface which you don't use very much, adapt it for your needs. If it has a base unit which you could do without, then remove it and you have your desk area.

If space is really tight, then see if you could have a swing up flap attached in a suitable position. You could then raise and lower it as needed.


home office kitchen

If your kitchen has an area set aside with a table and chairs, you can easity use it (when the family are out of the way) for any office work you need to get done. The portability of laptops has led to a minor revolution in where you can work.


As a last resort, use a piece of wood cut to fit neatly on top of an open drawer. This can act as the desktop for your office.

Some kitchens have a pull-out work table. These are normally used as extra work surfaces, or a breakfast bar. You could use yours as your home office. A mobile storage unit could be used to store your documents.

If there's space in a corner of your kitchen, buy a compact home office unit. Many of them available today are well designed, and it's amazing how much storage space they contain.

Only you can judge how best you can use your kitchen as your home office, based on your lifestyle.


kitchen home office

Providing there's not too much noise going on around you, it's quite possible to take part in conference calls right from your kitchen.


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