Your kitchen storage

Your kitchen storage and how you organize it depends to a large extent on the style of kitchen you have chosen.

For the rustic type you can find old dressers which can be renovated and restored. They are capable of storing and displaying a large amount. One advantage of free standing furniture is that you can easily change it or give it a different finish.

If your kitchen is more sophisticated then you'll have wall to wall and floor to ceiling units. From a practical point of view, if you have very tall wall units, make sure you have some method of reaching into the top shelves, such as small steps.


Storage inserts

Don't forget you can also buy special storage containers which are designed to fit inside existing units. Some of these fit into corner units, making much better use of space which is often wasted.

Other containers fit into drawers, and allow you to store plates and other items without them moving around.

Here are some general ideas for your kitchen storage

  • Assuming you are keen on cooking, you'll need to have all you utensils within easy reach. Earthenware pots are ideal for this, and wooden spoons, spatulas and so on can be kept in them.
  • Pot racks over the oven can be used to suspend pots and pans so they too are within easy reach.
  • You can also hang measuring jugs, colanders and sieves. Wooden holders are useful for storing your sets of knives.
  • Shelves of all descriptions can be fixed where possible.
  • When planning your units, think about having some of them open, without doors, so you can easily reach much-used items.


overhead storage in kitchen

An overhead rack and hooks makes an easy way to hang pots and pans.

When looking for storage space, think in terms of 'blocks of space' in your room. For example, in this photo the 'block of space' above the island (where the pans are now hung) would normally be unused. If you think in this way you can usually find space which can be utilized.


Space saving solutions

One of the best ways of utilizing space is by using a kitchen cart. If you get a mobile one you can change its position to suit your immediate needs. They come in many different sizes and wood finishes.

A pot rack will not only save space, but is very practical - your pots are within easy reach whenever you need them.


kitchen cart

A kitchen cart allows you to store food and other items, as well as providing another work surface or table.

This is another example of using 'blocks of space' (see previous photo). In this case the space is moveable - anywhere you can move the cart so it's out of your way is space which is used for storage.


How do you use your kitchen?

There are situations where you might want to have storage to suit your own personal needs.

Serious cooks, who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, often find that open units for storage are much more practical for their needs. Instead of having to continually open and close doors, having open units means they can reach in and grab the item immediately.

In such a situation, it's important that you have a good extraction system in place to remove all the dirt and small particles which result from cooking. If not, the open units will quickly become dirty.

Or you may have a set of kitchen utensils which ideally require their own storage area. If you're installing a new kitchen, you can plan ahead for this.


storing pans in a kitchen

These shelves support various items, and are also a convenient place to hang pots. This is making good use of a section of wall for storage.



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