You probably look at (or through) your kitchen window more than any other window in your home. And so it's nice to get it looking attractive, and not just to make do.

In certain situations the window may look fine as it is, and may not need to have any sort of treatment. Perhaps you look out into your own garden and you're not overlooked. Some modern or contemporary kitchens look great with nothing extra at the window, especially ones which are more architectural in nature.

But usually you'll need to do something with it, even if it's just a simple shade or dress curtains.


Options for your kitchen window

It's best to think about your kitchen window at the same time you decorate your kitchen . As with bathrooms, you may only need a simple roller or slatted shade, or Roman shade.

Usually you want the shade or curtain to be completely out of the way so it doesn't get splashed or get in the way when you're working. If your window has a recess then it makes sense to fit the shade or curtains into the recess. It's often the case that there isn't much room to do anything else, as kitchen fitments often go right up against the side of the windows.


kitchen window with venetian blind

A Venetian shade is one of the most practical ways of treating your window in the kitchen. They can be very attractive when down (as shown), provide complete privacy when closed, but can also be raised out of the way to allow a clear view through the window.


roman shade in kitchen

If you want to bring some color and pattern into your window, why not use a Roman shade? This practical alternative allows you to use any fabric of your choice to enhance the look of the window.


Leave it as it is?

On the other hand, you may not need anything at all. If you have a beautiful view from your window, and no one overlooks you, then consider leaving the window as it is. Of course, you may wish to have something to shut out the night or give you a certain amount of privacy - it's a personal choice.


cafe curtain

A cafe curtain in the window provides privacy for this kitchen. This type of solution is more in keeping with cottage style or country style kitchens.


Not too plain...

If you find that roller shades or roman shades are just a little too plain, think about finishing off the bottom edge with a contrasting border. Roller shades can also have a shaped finish, such as a scalloped edge.


kitchen window with swag

Don't forget about combining different treatments. Here a Venetian blind which matches the color of the kitchen units has been fitted into the window to give privacy. Because it would have looked very 'clinical' just left on its own, a fabric drape has been wrapped around a rod and finished a few inches clear of the work surface. This simple addition transforms the look of the kitchen without interfering with any of its practical uses.




A little softness

Unless your kitchen is a country style or rustic, keep your kitchen curtains as simple as you can.

If you want something of a more decorative nature and you don't have the room either in or around the window, you could have a pair of false (or dress) drapes which don't actually pull together, but are tied back permanently. Then fit a roller shade behind the drapes which you can pull down when you need some privacy. This way you get function with a little softness.


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