A living room rug can often be a major part of your living room decorating. In many rooms it is actually the unifying factor, drawing in all the tones and shades from the rest of the room furnishings.

In fact, if you're not sure how to go about decorating your room, you can use an attractive rug as your inspiration.

By using the colors in it and applying them to other features of your room such as wall color or window treatment fabric, you can achieve a satisfying result with very little work.

Your living room rug can be used to give a different emphasis of color to your room. If you keep most of the room to fairly neutral colors, by changing your rug you can change the whole character of the room.


How to arrange rugs

  • If you want to divide a room into sections - one area of sitting, one for writing at a desk - you can use a number of smaller rugs to define each section.
  • To make your rug the focal point in your room, or to balance an existing focal point, use one large rug.
  • If you find you have a gap between furniture which makes your room look unfinished, you can use smaller rugs of suitable sizes and colors to fill in the gaps.
  • Dull areas can be livened up by the use of colorful rugs. Busy areas can be calmed by placing plain, or those with muted colors.
  • You can achieve a rich look to your living room by using many small rugs laid at different angles to each other, some even overlapping. This produces a very 'eastern' or 'bazaar' effect.
  • A rich rug placed in front of a fireplace always works.


living room rug

The rug is a vital unifying factor in this room. The fireplace is the focal point, but the rug supplies the connection between the different items of furniture.


But we're not done yet...

There are plenty of other uses for living room rugs.

  • Flat weave rugs such as kilims can be placed on top of small tables.
  • Kilims also make excellent upholstery fabrics, as they are very strong and hard wearing.
  • Very soft rugs can be used as throws. Moroccan tribal rugs are ideal for this purpose.
  • As with all rooms, if you have a particularly beautiful rug which isn't too big and heavy, hang it on a wall. Silk rugs, such as Turkish silk prayer rugs, look exquisite when used in this way.
  • If you have any damaged rugs, cut out the good sections and use them as pillow (cushion) covers. If you have enough for two or three you can place them on your couch.


colored rug

This modern style rug is a perfect match with the colors of the other fabrics .



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