What sort of room is it?

How you treat your living room window depends to a large extent on what sort of living room you have.

A place of calm and quiet, perhaps. Somewhere anyone can go and put their feet up, relax, read a book, or simply fall asleep.

Or is it a family room, with constant comings and goings, with family members doing different things.

Perhaps it's a more formal and elegant room, not used every day, a room for entertaining guests.


A treatment to suit the room

Once you decide the sort of room it is, choosing your living room window treatment is easier.

If it's a formal room, then a more traditional set of curtains and drapes may be just what you need. If it's more of a family room, then casual curtains hung from a pole would be more appropriate.

Or you may decide you want to keep it plain and simple. If you have attractive shutters, for example, it's often best not to have anything else to detract from them.

Perhaps your living room window is quite small, and other features in the room are more obvious. In this case, blend the window into the surroundings by using plain fabrics or shades which are close to the wall or ceiling colors.


metal poles in living room

Just because you may have a contemporary room doesn't mean you can't have drapes. These ones are hung from poles and are in keeping with the look and style of the room.

Out of interest, note the orange/brown trim just below the poles. If you cover this up, you'll see that the room looks quite different. Because the wall are high, putting this floor color up at this height provides a counter balance to the importance of the wood floor.

Here are some other ideas

  • What's your gut feeling about your living room window? Would it look better without any drapes, and are you just forcing fabric onto the windows because 'you've always done it that way'?
  • Do you get a lot of sunlight which will fade any fabrics you use or furniture in the room? Would the room benefit from some sheer fabric in the windows to diffuse the sunlight? Or what about shades?
  • Is it a very practical room, or you want to make it just a little bit special? If it's practical, then use a practical solution for your window treatment, such as a roman shade or simple curtains which are left in position all the time. If you want the room to look elegant and a touch formal, then use more formal curtains, with valance or cornice box, or an attractive pole.


sheer swags on living room window

A simple effect - a sheer fabric has been draped over poles. This way of treating your window is inexpensive, very practical (no curtains to pull open and shut) and only need cleaning occasionally.


If you've decided you'd like to have curtains, then go here for more information on living room curtains.


vertical blinds

Here a set of vertical shades provide privacy and protection from the sunlight. These shades are very practical, allowing almost full daylight into the room, but stopping all sunlight. They are often ignored in homes because they are associated with offices. But there are many attractive shade fabrics on the market today, so don't dismiss them out of hand.


poles in living room

Dark wood poles have been used in this room to give contrast and definition. The large windows needed floor length curtains and these poles which are a larger diameter than normal look good and are strong enough for the extra weight of material.



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