A modern area rug is often the best solution to providing comfort and elegance to a modern lifestyle. You may not have considered an area rug for your room, thinking that you can only get traditional ones, and you need something contemporary.

But you can have the same comfort and beauty in your modern or contemporary room. Modern rugs achieve the same standards of quality and content as their more traditional counterparts.

The advantages of handmade modern area rugs

When you compare handmade rugs to broadloom manufactured carpet, you begin to see why rugs are so popular. Not only do they look better, but they last longer, are more resistant to normal wear, and keep usually keep their value.


What colors should I look for?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and therefore difficult to answer! There are basically two ways you can approach it.

Make your area rug 'blend into' the room decor

For example, if your have a room which has a quiet and relaxing decor where most items and colors blend well, you may wish your rug to simply provide a gentle focus. It may fill an empty area between two couches, in front of a fireplace or under a table. But you don't want it to stand out from the rest of the room. So choose something which has a similar color to others in the room.

Make a statement!

Maybe you have a couple of burgundy colored lamp bases, which look really good against your wall, but they look isolated. They provide an 'accent' color, but you want to connect them with the rest of the room.

So go for the same color in the rug. Yes, it will stand out, but will transform the whole look of the room. It's surprising how much contrast you can have between accent and main colors, as long as there is balance. The rug will allow you to achieve a balance with the lamps.

What sort of pattern should I have?

The answer to this is easy - whatever your like! This is where your own likes and preferences enter the stage. This is where no interior designer can tell you what is 'right' or 'wrong' - because there is no right or wrong! You know what you like, so have the confidence to go with your inclinations.



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