As well as orange, we've included violet and pink in this section.

These give us a warm, happy feeling.

Think of sunshine, of spring flowers, of flags waving at a carnival. The strong versions of these are often best used as accent colors. But they are also very useful for childrens' rooms. Girls tend to go for violets and pinks, while boys seem drawn to deep orange.

When used in softer tones they create a feeling of welcome and invitation. You can achieve an open and inviting atmosphere with these colors without overpowering the room.

Although as we said, violet and pink are often the favorite colors for girls' bedrooms, they can be used in other areas as well. Lighter tones with a touch of gray can make them suitable for use in living rooms and dining rooms.

You can use a strong orange for a dramatic effect, and use greens or browns as another main color or as an accent.




orange color sofa

Strong furniture colors for a modern home.

The orange gives a dramatic effect, but it's not overpowering. The texture of the fabric helps to relieve the strength of color, as do the three back cushions in a less dense fabric.

Whenever you select a strong modern color such as this one, make sure the rest of the decor is in keeping with it.

If your room decor is a few years old and you buy a new piece of furniture in the latest style, you may find it doesn't blend in as well as it should.



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violet bedroom

A bedroom decorated with a violet theme.

The walls and carpet are in a pale tint of violet, while the bed valance and curtain trim provide contrast.


If you're decorating the walls and the ceiling as well, if you find it's all too much, don't give up. First try painting the ceiling a very pale tint of the wall color. Usually this is enough to tone down the color scheme.

Or, you may not like the effect of the completed scheme, even though you like the color itself.

In this case, you could try a lighter tint of the color, or a darker shade.

Sometimes the first color selected needs to be lightened or darkened for it to look good. Sadly, there are no rules here, and it's often a case of trial and error.


Paint one corner

If you are planning to paint the walls and the ceiling, just paint one top corner first, about a yard (metre) in each direction. That will give you a good idea as to whether you like the effect or not.

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