Pleated window shades have all the advantages of normal shades. They are simple and practical to use, they put up out of the way leaving most of the window free, they prevent sunlight from entering the room and damaging furniture and furnishings, and give good privacy.

But their added attraction is in their construction. Because the fabric used is pleated, when they are down they look more attractive than plain blinds. These shades have become more fashionable over the years and today are a viable option for your home.


How they are made

Instead of using one piece of flat fabric, it is creased into pleats. Cords are sometimes run through the pleats, and the cords allow the shade to be raised and lowered.

An alternative way of making this type of shade is by using a honeycomb construction. With this method two pleated fabrics are stuck back to back. There are a number of ways of doing this. Some end up with a simple 'W' profile, while others are more sophisticated with a sort of box section. Shades of this sort are sometimes preferred as the cords are hidden in the sections of fabric.

pleated shade

Pleated fabric with control cord passing through.


What to look for when buying

When you buy your shade there are just a few things to look out for.

First, remember that you usually get what you pay for. If you find a really cheap shade then it may be because it isn't well made and won't last very long. (Of course, if it's from a reputable company and you get it at a sale price, then you've got yourself a bargain!) Better quality fabrics will last longer and not fade so readily.

Quality also applied to the headrail. Less expensive ones may work for a time, but will they survive prolonged use?

Better quality fittings mean the shade is usually more straightforward to fit. This especially applies if you plan to fit your shade yourself.

Advantages of pleated window shades

  1. They give a soft and modern effect to your windows. When you have windows which are small, difficult to curtain, or have other problems associated with them, you'll often find that pleated shades are a good solution.
  2. They can be used in conjunction with other window treatments. If you have a set of curtains and drapes at your window and want to stop the sunlight while keeping the soft look of fabric, pleated shades are a great option.
  3. They are easy to fit and operate. If you're handy with drills and screwdrivers you'll have no trouble fitting them.
  4. They are available in many different colors, textures and finishes to suit all styles and situations.
  5. Some companies can modify them to fit non-rectangular shapes, such as the triangular sections in conservatory roofs.



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