Round dining room tables are the ideal choice if you have limited space in your room.

Because of their shape they are able to fit into confined spaces, but still seat a number of people comfortably.

There are a few variations on the designs of round dining room tables, and each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the main ones are detailed below, and will help you in selection the ideal table for your room.


Round table structure

Folding side(s)

With this type of table the sides can be folded down. Usually it has hinged legs which pull out to support the table flaps. It's a good choice if you need the table to take up minimum space, and you don't mind opening it up when you need to use it.

Extending with center section

In it's normal state this table has a circular top in two sections. These sections can pull apart, and a rectangular center section turns it into a table with 'D' shaped ends. The center rectangular section can be completely separate and is inserted between the two main sections, or can be an integral part of the table and is pulled into position when the two top parts are separated.


One of the features you need to examine is the table support. The is particularly important with any sort of folding table.

Sometimes the structure of the legs can make it difficult for you to sit at the table comfortably. It can even work out that when six people are seated at a round table, four of them have no problem, but two of them are pressed up against a supporting table leg.

Pedestal supports are probably the best, as they don't extend too far out. But always check on the stability of single pedestal tables. If the pedestal is not substantial it may make for an unstable structure.


wood round dining room tables

This solid oak table is supported by one pedestal. Tables such as this are restricted in size by the diameter of the top surface. Some offer one or two rectangular center sections which slot into position and turn the table into a double 'D' shape. This rustic type of table is often inspired by old farmhouse furniture.

This table will comfortably seat six persons. One advantage of round tables is that they encourage conversation because everyone has a clear view of everyone else.


Adapt for the number of people

An advantage of round tables is that you can allow for extra guests. It's much easier to fit in extra places at a round table than a rectangular one. Rectangular tables - unless they are quite big - can only take one person comfortably at the ends.

With round tables you just move place settings just a bit closer, which for one or two extra people is hardly noticeable.

Is there a limit to the size?

The main limiting factor with round dining room tables is how far you can reach. If the table gets over a certain size, no one can reach the space in the center which remains unused.

Of course, you can have an attractive flower arrangement or ornament in the middle, but there's a practical limit to the size of a round table.

round dining room tables

This illustration shows a round table which will comfortably seat six people.

It would be easy to fit in one more person without too much trouble.


You can find more information on table sizes, how much space to allow for them, and other details on the dining room design page.


round glass dining room table

Glass tables have become more popular over the last few years, because they lend themselves to more modern types of home decorating. Also, because of the glass they don't look as though they take up as much room as solid tables, which is useful for smaller rooms.

The glass tops are usually supported by metal pedestals. This is also in keeping with a more minimalist decorating scheme.


Construction materials

Most round dining room tables are made from different types of wood. The finishes and designs vary enormously, from traditional to modern and minimalist.

Other variations are base supports made from wood, metal or stone, with the table top constructed from wood, glass, stone or composite materials.

Whatever your preferences, a wide variety of round tables are available today. They are often the ideal choice for dining rooms.



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