Beautiful and humanizing

Rugs are some of the most beautiful and humanizing elements you can have in your home.

Aesthetically pleasing, they add warmth and comfort wherever they are used.

There are many types available today. Some are machine made, and have a regular and formal look to them. Their patterns often imitate or are derived from ethnic designs. One of their advantages is that they are often less expensive than hand woven ones.

For many interior designers and home decorators hand-made rugs possess a human element which today is missing in so much of our modern world. Their irregularities and unevenness gives them a personal quality which is hard to equal.

Their history makes a fascinating study. To the western materialistic world they are simply pleasing additions to home decorating.

But their beginnings are much more personal, and reflect their cultural origins.

persian rug

Persians are some of the most well known of all the hand knotted ones produced. These have a unique beauty, and their designs go back thousands of years.

The patterns are not just designed at the whim of the makers. They are based on a number of motifs which can be divided into three types: field motifs, border motifs and decorative motifs.

The advantages of hand made oriental rugs

  • They come in all sorts of colors, sizes and designs, so you'll always find one to suit. The only problem you may find is if you're looking for a circular one. These tend to be machine made rather than hand made, as a traditional loom cannot produce circular ones.
  • They can act as a focal point if you need one. Their colors can be used as a basis for your room color scheme. If you already have a focal point, a carefully chosen one can give balance to your room.
  • They add color and texture to any home decorating scheme.
  • They will fit into almost any interior. They will add to the elegance and charm of a room without taking over.
  • They are distinctive and will adapt to most interiors, especially when carefully chosen to blend with existing furnishings and color schemes.
  • You can use them in many practical ways. In addition to their usual use on floors, they can be used as wall hangings, throws, pillows and even upholstery.
  • Area rugs are useful to separate zones within rooms.
  • Items of furniture which at first sight don't go well can be drawn together.
  • They are adaptable, and can be easily changed around, unlike carpets. For example, by placing a new one in your room you can completely change the room's character.

One of the most famous rugs is the Ardabil carpet in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. There's a very good page about it on the Museum's website (link opens in a new window).

turkish rug

This hand woven Turkish rug shows the depth of color which certain designs can achieve.


Here is a guide to the most common types you'll come across. Individual dealers (especially if they are natives of the countries concerned) will have their own likes and dislikes.

It's a fascinating world, and once introduced to it many people have discovered a lifetime interest.


These are the most well-known of all hand-woven carpets. Here you'll find more information on their colors and characteristics.


Also known as Anatolian, these reflect the different culture of Turkey. They have an allure and beauty all their own.

Rugs for all rooms

You may think that there's nothing much to buying a rug and placing it in room. But just to give you a few more ideas, here are some practical pointers to making choices, and using your newly acquired purchase to good effect.


Some practical things to think about when you come to making your selection.


Your entrance hall will benefit from a rug or two. Here are some ideas.

Living room

Use them for an excellent effect in your living room.


They don't immediately come to mind when you think of your bathroom. But here, too, they can be used to good effect.


Still practical, but a few factors you need to be aware of.

Dining room

This is one room where large handmade ones really come into their own.


Warmth and comfort are what we look for in a bedroom, and rugs can be use to to make the most of your bedroom.

Modern Area

Ideal for the modern home, with a wide choice of color and design.



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